Wednesday, July 17

empty nest, full house.

the mama robin made the big push yesterday.
those greedy, hungry, chirping babies had too many feathers
and too big of an appetite,
so they had to get the F* out of the nest.
there's no such thing as free lunches forever.
to their mama's credit,
she lured them each, in turn,
with the promise of some pretty gross broken bug bits.
that's real.
the last reluctant hungry one hung out and held on for a good long while.
i know the feeling.
he kept staring at me like i was supposed to puke up a worm into his beak.
i mean it, though-
he really was just waiting for someone else to do all the work.
and that's not a sentiment we take kindly to in the woodsly goodness.
save that sh!t-salad for the city birds.
i'm not saying i can't understand the appeal-
why would he want to be by himself when having someone taking care
feels so darn good?
but waiting is just not gonna cut it in this instance, is it?
he needed to activate those wings and let his natural and innate instincts
take him up and over to bigger and better places.
activation implies being active.
check the teleport:
i don't even get it.
and yet,
my comings and goings, all loud and hard,
fresh from out of the gates of the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress
must've been more than his starving bellyhole could handle,
because he blasted past me and never once looked back.
nature wins and life expands.
despite the big exodus of life outside the house,
my two most favoritest preteen girls in the whole wide world
are keeping it molto real on the inside.
believe it-
within the sweaty humid seething rooms of this hot home,
harvest and maple are giving their very best effort
towards having the very best time.
family togetherness with my kids is like getting all the nutrients at once.
real talk.
these smaller upgraded and improved versions of warrior poet-type
spirit and memory are the kinds of kids i wish i'd been when i was their age.
that's not a statement to be taken lightly, either.
they're great,
beyond what i was ever even capable of at their age.
some things just evolve because they see a void and they fill it.
i needed some peoples to populate this place,
and to be some kind of understanding and amazing give-and-takers.
i GOT they.
and i take comfort in that.
i also take comfort in treats.
oh, c'mon.
deluxe rock bloxxx for everybody.
prepare your faces for drool and jaw drops.
view it all now via extra-delicious-type teleport:

that's right.
i figured a little fancy business was in order.
the famous recipe, original-style,
but dipped halfway in a double chocolate bath, that's dark choc',
and cocoa, with a few extra emulsifiers added in to keep it smooth and sexy.
and then those half-naked half-glazed goodies
get hit with those toasted coconut sprankles.
expert recognize expert, neighbors.
we're doing it.
a whole other 'nother day off is in effect.
anything could happen.
and it probably will.
there are three of us.
a magic number exponentially more magnificent than the individual pieces.
lucky us, huh?
just sayin',
if you don't like synergy,
you've got less sense that that lazy robin-
because eventually, nature wins....
so pick the side that claims inevitable victory;
never quiet, never soft.....

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