Monday, July 22

starting it off.

french toast-style panniecakes?
cinnamon, brown sugar, almonds, and coconut,
all inside a circled disc of butteryish fried breadcake?
i mean,
how else would we start a totally expert day?
check the stack-'em-up-type teleport:
delicious is an understatement.
thing is,
they made the vegan fluffy pancakes at the seward cafe 
actually seem legitimately fluffy by comparison...
...and that's saying somethin'.
oh, well,
obviously it's because they're more like vegan dense bombers.
and these thickness-inducing gutbusters took that style to eleven.
lead weights in our bellyholes, to anchor us firmly,
and keep us from floating away into the firmament.
heavy duty doo-doo.
it's good for us
the puppet barn and museum is as dope as ever, kids.
that's so a thing.
it's constantly evolving and being refined, reworked,
moved around and activated.
i love that.
and there are always so many things to look at.
even on the ceiling:
i dunno.
what about hands?
oh, yeah, y'all-
they GOT they.
all kinds and colors and sizes,
but no teeth in any of 'em though.
it's the last thing they give you,
but it's the first part of the name.
they're called Bread & Puppet, neighbors,
not Puppet & Bread.
the clay ovens, though?
hottness in sand and stone-
all simplicity and primitive action in one place,
are impressive because they do not give any F*s.
check the cracked and smoke-scarred-type teleport:

holding it shut with weird wood to trap the heat and bake the wheat?
these hippies know how to live according to vermont dogma.
use it up, wear it out, make do or do without.
that's it.
good times and good people,
good feelings and good bread.
there are a few kinds of times really worth having,
and this was one of them;
never quiet, never soft.....

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