Wednesday, July 10

hot cocoa?

i have to do it.
or else i get edgy.
and when i get edgy, i get sh!tty.
and nobody wants a doo-doo buttery albie rock running around.
i mean, really.
c'mon now.
so instead,
i get up early and i get crackin' on some combination activation
in the Folk Life Experimental Test Kitchen Laboratory.
uh huh.
that's a thing.
chocolate graham cracker crusts are good for you.
something about melty butterishness and ground sweet chocolate
mixed in with that reddish-brownish sorta-orange graham hottness.
you do.
and when i start brainstorming about treats it gets pretty rad pretty quick.
and nevermind about how to make those brown fillings go to eleven...
word up.
i whisk and stir and add and melt and add and add and add and pour
all kinds of extra brown extra sugary extra sweet bits into my bowls,
and eventually onto the already-expert crust...
check the teleport:
this mutha-'ucker tastes like cold super creamy smooth hot cocoa.
for realsies.
and i couldn't resist those mini-baby chocolate chips.
they're too cute.
yeah, that's right.
they're too cute to resist.
hot chocolate creme pie is just what i needed.
and if it's gonna be like a slice of a cup of that, (?!)
then it needs the other best part of that business too.
whipped 'cream'.
treats are good, chocolate is better, and both together is the way it has to be.
it's all really happening,
from the feats of fury and ferocious and atrocious barbarian behavior
to the gentle whipping of cremes and cocoas.
that's it.
i span time with my peoples.
and it all goes by so quickly.
i spent hours upon hours just chatting with some of my favorites.
and damn it all,
i still talk to much.
a facilitator of conversant calamities.
that's me.
from the semi-scandalous scantily clad series of current events,
to the cruelties of a misspent youth's greatest hits and misses,
it all got covered as the hours unfurled into the air.
it could've been a whole lot lamer.
i mean,
i could've been talking to myself the whole time.
the lovely ladies and lone gentleman that i shared food, drink,
and companionship with couldn't have been better at interactively participating.
i guess sometimes it all aligns the way it should.
true stories and truth tellers and trulu truthful storytellers never stop.
this is the way it's supposed to be;
never quiet, never soft.....

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