Wednesday, July 10


tart tuesday may run late,
what with extra amounts of friendly togetherness taking precedence
as my days off become social gatherings for me and my peoples.
no worries, though,
they always show up eventually.
even if the final gelled-up pastry swell lasts overnight,
once it's all set,
it's a wednesday-style tart day.
belated is better than never ever.
and what does the extra time and added effort amount to?
braggadocio, bravado, boastfulness....
i don't know that i'm necessarily wrong to gloat over my culinary prowess.
but even if i am, i just can't flippin' help myself.
i mean,
i'm basically just making up delicious ideas as i go along,
and they keep turning out totally expert,
despite the freestyle do-it-live mix-in-by-sight-and-feel savant sorcery
i invoke and enact inside my oven.
i'm just sayin',
not only do i take it to eleven,
but i'm pretty sure i make it look easy.
oh really?
check the more-beautifully-than-you-might-expect-type teleport:
lemon pastry cream,
with two kinds of lemon juice, and zest, and extractives and oils, too;
and a dollop of lemon-infused frosting to make it so dang pretty;
and then, just to get super-fancily unnecessary with it-
candied lemon peels for garnish.
citrus slivers, caramelized and sugared, as sprankles.
neighbors- want some real talk?
okay, here:
F* you if you aren't feelin' me on this one.
yeah, that's it.
i do what i do.
if it isn't active participation, then it's all just box-mix.
and we don't do that sort of lazy, entitled, mostly-done-for-you already sh!t.
it's from scratch, it's homemade, it's off the cuff, with nothing up my sleeve-
involved and present, mindful masterwork practices that produce results.
that's the life i'm living, kids.
Folk Life.
a picture postcard paper cut-out of woodsly goodsly worthy warrior elan.
it's all really happening,
the intention, the focus, the principle, the will, the work....
it just shows up in the guise of baked goods.
i don't decide how these things work, y'all.
i mean. c'mon.
it's called a secret universal plan for a reason.
i just choose my own adventure from the available options.
if you pick getting expert, and dying alone anyway, turn to page 11;
never quiet, never soft.....

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