Wednesday, July 3


spongy or foamy?
i don't know which adjective best describes the terrible
modeling medium i used yesterday to start sculpting with.
it's very lightweight, and that's good,
but it's also sticky, doesn't blend well, is incredibly soft,
and difficult to shape into anything resembling what i wanted.
there wasn't much to recommend it, really,
but i choose the harder way whenever i can, y'heard?
the thing is, neighbors-
i want to make a totally kick-A* puppet.
and it doesn't need a four pound head.
that's real.
so this problematic putty is what's up for now.
i had some of it on hand.
and i doo-doo that available-materials-type sh!t.
i couldn't just let it sit there completely unshaped and unmolested.
could i?
i most certainly could not.
so now this is happening-
teleport to the future of discomfiture:
mr. punch is the man-clown he will one day become.
believe it.
one doubly ugly yet dope dome, in two parts.
i've got socks and circles and semi-articulated mouth pieces
just waiting for this great big little tiny head to cure.
oh, right- more thing about this foam clay?
it takes days to dry out.
doesn't matter, i've got the time and i've learned to endure.
i'm pretty sure it's all just an investment in greater things to come. 
did i mention it's porous and hard to paint too?
yes, kids, it is all the worst parts.
if history is any indication, i'll invest far more of myself than is ever advisable,
and may be more than a little disappointed with the results.
i choose the wrench every time.
no use crying about it if i'm just gonna keep doing it, i suppose.
like i said-
it's july third.
i used to go all out and ball out on berfday treats for today.
not for 'merica,
for the other half in my former life. 
i guess i'm the better half all by myself, y'know?
sorta like if you have a bum leg,
but then your good leg gets cut off somehow.
looks like the busted one just got a promotion by forfeit.
that's real.
i'm repping the upgrade all day long, friends.
there's plenty more space when there's absences.
i'll be having those cupcakes regardless, though.
no sense in not accepting one's own infinite nature, after all;
never quiet, never soft.....

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