Wednesday, July 24

the hardest.

one last overcast breakfast with maple and harvest.
this is it for a bit-
and what's next is no flippin' prize.
i'm sayin'....
the drive to weak-sauce waterbaby 'assachussetts
is never ever any kind of looked-forward-to event.
and that's no jokes.
a whole dang day spent driving to a bad place to have a bad time?
yeah...that is a real lame situation.
i guess that's what a week and more of worthy woodsly
goodsly family togetherness and active participation costs.
thing is,
that's not even the hardest part.
even the actual farewell isn't as bad as it might seem.
no way-
it's the before-we-leave times that REALLY eat sh!t.
because we all know the big fun and good feelings
are over and done with already until next time;
and there's just us, sitting here packed up and
waiting out the clock until we drive away from
the Folk life & Liberty Fortress to southerly climes
and harder, emptier, lonelier scenarios.
oh, wait.
the kids are actually headed to a brand new home,
and a whole new other family time back in the diaperbabyism
of their really real life in the heart of connecticut.
my mistake.
i'll be the only one headed home to the empty expanses
and hollow rooms of my up-here hermitage, alone and in the dark.
that's one more hard style, for sure.
i have those.
i'm just saying that i hate goodbyes.
the cucch left under cover of clouds and sleepy eyes
before we even woke up.
for realsies,
the count started at minus one before Tea'N'Toast?
i'm hemorrhaging peoples!
lucky for us,
what i lack in optimistic outlooks,
i more than make up for in tarts.
i'm for serious, y'all.
check the sexy laced lattice of a blueberry-glazed-type teleport:
i've got those pastry creme jauns going to eleven.
that's a thing.
don't worry, duders-
it's really F*ing good.
i outdid myself in expert tart activation, for sure.
i'll fill my guts with sugar and spice and everything nice.
there's always something to keep the pace for forward progress,
we had our fun,
and now it's done.
there's probably going to be a next time,
but the rest of this time is a long road to nowhere good.
i suppose i'm always ready to pay my fair share of the tab.
it all costs something, kids.
and it's usually worth it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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