Tuesday, July 2


it's really flippin' wet outside.
it's so wet outside, it's even sort of wet inside.
humidity is a real sunovab!tch.
it's like the air is fat and sweaty even though the sun isn't out.
and it's been rainy every spare moment i've had to myself for weeks.
the good news about that is-
the woodsly goodness is lush and thriving in all directions.
the bad news is-
my lawn has yet to be mowed and has gone from blades of grass
to halberds of leafy lancelike spears an' that.
the best news is-
it's still raining.
i'm not being a slack-A* for not mowing it all away;
nature is just winning with her wrenched open skies for now.
well, for always, really.
i'll shear it and reap it and thresh it all before too long,
but it'll all be too long, and will probably die off in the post-trim.
"goodnight, lawn, i'll most likely kill you in the morning."
oh, c'mon.
i made some dinnertime moves yesterday.
tempeh cacciatore.
check the teleport:
lots of light tan foods in one place.
all told, it was alright.
the company i kept, however, was expert.
not dining alone makes decent food taste better.
of course, the fancy pasta didn't hurt it either.
that's real.
little basket sun-hat bowls for holding extra flavor?
and yet, for all the active participation and time-spanning,
to my everlastingly continuous ever-lovin' chagrin,
i motormouthed my way through several hours
of punchlines and pauseless prattle.
i don't know if i can actually even stop myself, neighbors.
no foolin'.
but lots of jokes, if you feel me...
and don't even wonder on it, y'all-
at goodbye time?
uh-huh, i stood around like sweaty idiot,
all robot arms and awkward silence.
i doo-doo that bad at girls type sh!t.
we can only hope it adds to the overall air of charming gracelessness.
it's tart tuesday.
don't worry, kids.
i'm ON it.
before this day is done,
the treats i'm activating will be cooled off ready for drooling over.
yes, friends,
you can have some.
munchin' up some baked greats is just one of the few
and far-between types of less-terrible-than-usual services i provide.
i do what i do.
you're welcome?
inescapably capable and unapproachably reproachable.
this is the way it all really happens.
don't look away, or you might miss out on some more of all of this;
never quiet, never soft.....

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