Wednesday, July 31


tart tuesday was a success, as usual.
i repped those old time triple flavor cups of creme,
with two types of frosty icing and gooey glaze to help 'em out.
vanilla oh-snap cookie crusts,
because i've really figured out how to make 'em so expert.
and a classic italian pastry filling blopped down in the cavity.
and a squeezed-out swirl of custom cocoa chocolate-syrupy frosting.
and a slithery slathery slap of strawberry sauce.
that's that neapolitan blend,
and you know you remember that combo from the tub of ice cream
back in grandma's freezer.
i'm good for some retro reminiscence now and then.
they're dope.
check the teleport:
c.v.s. tarts, neighbors.
oh, c'mon.
chocolate vanilla and strawberry!
not like the consumer value stores.
i can't hang out with that sh!t.
i'm not saying that you shouldn't shop there,
i'm just saying that's what poor people do.
seriously, i laugh at that every single time.
but for serious,
these individual tarts are the best thing i've gotten myself into in a while.
which is exactly why i'm taking august off from tart tuesdays.
i wouldn't want to get trapped.
anybody remember the dolls?
hundreds of variations on one single theme.
i could've been doing other things, duders.
i love making treats,
so i'm going to have to activate some new ideas.
any suggestions?
the new what's next is on it's way,
and i'm hoping you minky mutha-lickers have got something for me.
if not,
we may just end up surprised together!
real life is happening all over the place.
unfolding in an expanding spiral of perfect overlapped concentric circles;
never quiet, never soft.....

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