Wednesday, July 3


whip it up into a frenzy!
or, at the very least,
until it's all a fluffy and delicious creamy filling.
i get certifiably tart-expertified on my days off.
no jokes.
chocolate snaps are some super crunchy cookies.
i mean it.
they're hard, y'all.
they're also really good.
in order to make tart crusts that have what i'm looking for,
it takes a couple packages of those snappy jauns,
and a whole stick of butterishness,
and a splash or two of non-dairy milk,
and maybe a little oat flour and brown sugar,
and definitely some vanilla, too.
that's about the closest to a concrete recipe i've got for you, neighbors.
the thing is, i just do what i do whenever i do it, and hope for the best,
all whilst trusting in the ever-changing fickle fortunes of secrets and circles
within the creases and overlaps of spirit and memory
in the infinite nature of the ephemeral universal origami blueprints.
i mean it.
it all unfolds the way it's supposed to, y'know?
anyway, once you've got your muffin-tin mini-cups all baked,
it's time to activate some sort of filling.
this time?
peanut butter cream tarts, whipped into shape and full of subtleties.
that's a thing
creamy peanutty butts, and creamy chee' and sugar and soymilk
and more vanilla and maybe some thickening starch and some real maple syrup?
i mean, why not?
complicated is the way i like it.
anything else is just not enough.
check the teleport, kids:
i do make 'em pretty sexy, huh?
with crushed peanuts on top, and shaved chocolate sprankles?
the hottness, for sure.
and then, just to make it go all the way to eleven,
a custom chocolate drizzle across the whole thing!
i know, yo- when did i become whatever this is i am?
no idea,
but i'm hobby homemaking my way through the days the best i can.
and that's pretty F*ing good, if you ask me.
but you all already know about those jauns, don't you?
expert recognize expert, i suppose.
i'm working on my day off, friends.
so i can enjoy 'merica's berfday tomorrow without feeling
like i lazily shirked my shifts.
that's how it goes, kids.
work is what's happening, but it's not ALL that's really happening:
there will be plenty of treats in the studio for anyone who cares to have a taste.
...just sayin'.
you should visit.
of course,
it's finally NOT raining, so i'm guessing that if you're in the neighborhood,
you'll be out of doors and enjoying the shining sun and natural wonders
of the finally-dry-albeit-still-wet woodsly goodness.
it's okay-
i understand.
you should skip out on eating these baller-A* tarts and cupcakes an' that...
...but that's what poor people do.
oh, whatever.
july third, folks.
today is the day.
i'm celebrating my independence, i think.
at least,
i'm eating cupcakes and lighting candles and singing out loud.
that counts, right?
i hope so, because that's all i've got.
real life continues on and on.
every day is the worst day, but in a good way;
never quiet, never soft.....

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