Monday, July 22


check the Bread & Puppet teleport:
ma nature being dope is what we witnessed.
uh huh.
perfect weather after a perfect drive with perfect people to a perfect place.
the fiftieth anniversary of all of that good vermonty puppet-style togetherness
was in full swing and in F*ing full effect for the full duration of our stay
in the natural amphitheater and farm-type hottness of the glover homestead.
so good.
sooooo good.
i mean it:
the total this and that circus.
total this. total that. total circus. totally expert.
me and my peoples tailgating in a field,
basking in the sunlight,
eating snacks an' that?
we doo-doo that not-actually-hippies-type sh!t.
some days are better than others.
it just works out that way.
yesterday, in that place, was one of the best ones.
family togetherness, best friendliness, bread, puppets, nature.....
much needed and well deserved are what i'd call it.
that's right.
i am grateful for the times i get with the ones i want.
especially the good times with the right ones.
vermont is it's own thing.
a place like nowhere else, full of well-intentioned individuals
all working together to produce a thing that makes sense.
it's good.
i need that piece of peace in my life, y'know?
it's true.
because the other other parts all stay the same, y'all.
which parts?
the really real life bits.
ain't that the truth?
hard styles can resume today, and i'm fine with it.
we all already know that without the bitter the sweet is just not as sweet.
so i'm ready to resume the regularly scheduled war within myself,
after a respite of peaceful protest and garlic'd up rye bread.
never quiet, never soft.....

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