Tuesday, July 16

the king beyond the wall.

guess who is coming up north?
good guess.
today is the day, neighbors.
the day when me and mine get together to get it together all over again.
harvest and maple both, all at once,
occupying the same spaces in the wide open woodsly goodness,
inhabiting the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
spanning time, spelling trouble, spilling secrets,
and enjoying family togetherness and fun vacation scenarios,
all with that spirit of active participation poppin' off
for all the ensuing minutes and moments of the next few weeks.
that's the way summer is s'posed to be.
...and it's gonna be like that-
because we do what we do in the mountains and forests of this fair vale.
i have great expectations and even higher hopes
that i'll be seeing most of you guys at some point during their visit, too.
no jokes,
i want all the overlapping circles of spirit and memory
to fold in on each other like a rosette window of activated light and color.
a kaleidoscope of interwoven expertism;
women and children and warriors and poets,
fragments and fractals of muse-infused magic and mayhem.
everybody shows up, everybody gets to be a part of all of it.
and it's all really happening.
that's it.
where are all y'all at?
my family.
my friends.
my peoples.
there will be too much food, too many treats, more fun, all of it.
longest nights, earliest mornings, hardest styles,
and it will all of it, each and every piece, every single time,
go all the way to eleven, no less, not even once.
no pictures in this one.
there are just all these words.
bummer, huh?
get used to disappointment.
but don't get discouraged and give up.
reading is good for you sometimes;
and there are rock bloxxx in the oven for later;
and tarts on the slate for our homecoming.
we'll return and we'll get crackin'.
time is never wasted when you're doing it right.
this time right here is what i want;
never quiet, never soft.....

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