Tuesday, June 18


when i'm just making dinner for myself,
and i don't really feel like making dinner for myself,
i do things like this:
bowling is good for you.
broccoli is super good for you.
eating broccoli is a good idea, and frankly, i love it.
quinoa and scallions and red lentils together is my go-to grain combo these days-
a quarter of a cup of each and a cup of water, a little pink salt and some GPOP?
that's a meal all on it's own.
coconut-oil fried tofu?
i like my coconut oil unrefined for the full tasty taste of the thing-
and exxxtra-firm tofu, sizzled until crispy is really my favorite way to have the stuff.
cucumber and avocado?
crunchy coolwater cukes make my face feel psyched.
creamy avocado is what all the smart people want, right?
that's a lot of stuff in one place,
and with scallion and cilantro sprankles, too?
damn, duders.
too much is the right amount.
and when i add in a whole other 'nother spicy chick pea jaun in there??
it's an overload of awesome, and it all only takes under half an hour.
i had red onion, chick peas, garlic, jalapenos, and cherry tomatoes,
with coconut oil and turmeric and smoked paprika and pink salt and black pepper
and toasted cumin and coriander all together,
plus Garlic Powder and Onion Powder to season it all up.
do you ever just toss all your stuff in a pan and cross your fingers?
that's what's good, neighbors-
making it up as you go,
and going all out with as many different textures as you can.
it's like rainbow braille for my tongue.
i don't always need a theme,
but i DO always need to have it be delicious.
sometimes, this is what happens when those are the only requirements;
never quiet, never soft.....

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