Monday, June 3


curry in a hurry?
with quinoa and turmeric roasted potatoes?
F* yes.
if you know about good food, then you know this is IT.
check it:

it's got spice and grain and root all over the place.
in a medum saucepot, with a spoonful of coconut oil,
and a sliced leek,
and a chopped carrot, and three cloves of thin-sliced garlic,
plus a 1 1/2" chunk of minced skin-on organic ginger-
all sauteed over high heat,
with 3/4 cup of red lentils,
and all the spices:
1 tsp cumin, paprika;
1/2 tsp ground coriander seed, GPOP, ground mustard,
guajillo pepper, and cayenne pepper,
1/4 tsp black pepper, turmeric.
all that and two and a quarter cups of broth,
simmered for fifteen minutes,
and then activated with two cups of organic baby kale and
a punch of chopped cilantro...
really, that's it.
soft, spicy, hearty, veggie-packed hottness with the quickness.
and the quinoa?
that's just fifteen minutes of simmering, too.
quick and simple.
when it came time to serve it up,
i hit it with fresh kale,
and MORE cilantro,
and purple cabbage sprankles-
i mean, if you can make it look prettier, and not just totally brownish,
why wouldn't you?
how about those roasty potatoes?
turmeric and GPOP and black pepper and olive oil and smoked hot paprika and pink salt.
tossed on a couple of red skin-on new potatoes,
baked up at 450℉ on a steel sheet lined with parchment until they're golden and crispy.
it's actually not a totally glamorous meal,
but it looks like it's got somethin' going on, with the spranks and the spices makin'
it all pretty'd up.
blops and drops and chunks are all kind of unsexy,
but together, they're SO good.
good food, fast, and lots of it.
for a sleepy, sour, sad and wet sunday, that's the solution.
i need 'em.
it's been a frickin' month or more,
and my rock block count is dangerously low.
time to boost it back up into the black,
so i can stop seeing red;
never quiet, never soft.....

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