Sunday, June 9


i eat a lot of food.
like, every day, really.
i wake up and then spend the day eating a whole bunch.
sometimes, in the morning, i write about what i ate.
unless this is your first day, you know that.
today, i'm playing catch-up.
i'm not feeling it lately.
i mean,
my mornings are tough, my nights are long, my days are busy as hell-
and talking about what i ate just kind of seems superfluous.
here's a picture of some food:

tofu scramble is good as heck.
potatoes are F*ing amazing.
sourdough toast with jam? sign me up.
the scrambo had red onion, spinach, bell pepper, tomatoes,
GPOP, nootch, pink salt, black pepper, turmeric and smoked paprika...
that's the stuff.
the potatoes were roasted in the oven, at 450℉.
tossed in olive oil and turmeric and smoky paprika
and GPOP and red pepper flakes
and cayenne and black pepper....
crisped up.
scallion sprankles to keep it freshie fresh.
cukes? sure.
toast? it's homemade, so that's cool.
jam? yeah. that's sweet sh!t, and it's blackberry. that's sorta fancy.
sometimes i eat breakfast and it's more than simple Tea 'N' Toast.
i don't remember what day this is from, but i recall that i ate the hell out of it.
food, often, and documented.
that's all i've got;
never quiet, never soft.....

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