Saturday, June 15


...and just like that,
maple is done with high school.
it happens fast.
not the ceremony, that was in the cold, rain, and wind,
so that felt like it took forever.
but, f'real-
i've got another graduate on my hands.
she's done with the big formative foundational first part;
and now, ready or not, the wider world is awaiting her.

i'm proud, i'm happy, i'm really very excited for my daughter.
it's no small thing,
and in some ways it's the last thing,
and the first thing,
but it's for sure a good thing.
this is it.
and i'm glad to be part of it, in whatever ways i'm able.
she's great, and sweet, and smart, and funny,
and i'm really very impressed.
happy graduation, kid;
never quiet, never soft.....

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