Thursday, June 27


look at this little dude:

actually, he was big.
but he had an effed up wing,
and no mouth that's their whole thing, btw-
they don't have a face, they only exist to do sex and die.
which isn't so bad, maybe-
unless this fella had a great night, he died unfulfilled-
some lady ran over him in the parking lot right after i took this picture.
i ran into the town offices, and returned to see him flat as heck.
it's not exactly nature at work.
but, it's for sure a real bummer to see a smooshed one.
i didn't move him, so i guess it's my fault?
me, and that lady's car.
maybe he was hoping to get crushed?
sitting by a puddle, in the daylight, looking 0% like gravel.
terrible camouflage, in my opinion.
he looked really cool until he didn't;
never quiet, never soft.....

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