Thursday, June 27


smaller tacos just means more tacos.
you wouldn't eat less tacos if they were smaller, would you?
not me, man.
i'm on some of that taco overkill, as hard as i can.
check it:

with from-scratch fire-roasted tomato salsa,
and lime,
and avocado,
and pickled jalapenos,
and diced-up hot peppers,
and cilantro,
and red onions,
and vegan lime-cilantro sour crema...
i also had the spicy crOMbles all up in 'em-
1 1/2 cups of vegan crumbly stuff;
and 3 T minced onions;
and 3 T minced poblano;
and 3 T bell pepper;
and 2 cloves sliced garlic;
and 1 cup cherry tomatoes;
plus Garlic Powder, cayenne pepper, Onion Powder, black pepper, oregano,
dried chipotle pepper, cumin, and coriander...
all sauteed with a lil raw unrefined coconut oil.
i mean, it's not a big deal, it's just a bunch of stuff in a pan-
covered in leaves and stuff,
and shoved into my face.
also, purple cabbage, and lettuce and stuff.

and that salsa?
too freakin' delicious.

15 oz fire roasted tomatoes;
2 cloves garlic;
1 cup mixed peppers: bell, poblano, jalapeno;
1/4 red onion;
1/3 cup cilantro;
3 T scallion greens;
cumin, ground coriander seed, GPOP, pink salt, black pepper, lime juice.
pulped up in a food processor.
i'm just sayin'-
it's not complicated.
but it's dope.
soft flour flappers only, neighbors.
i can't have the crispy jauns.
it's harder to eat a lotta those.
i can tuck all the softies into my body though no prob.
tacos are good for you.
a lot of them are even better for you;
never quiet, never soft.....

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