Sunday, June 30


potato tacos???
check it:

¡OLÉ, lil bihhhhh!
you got your soft flour tortillas.,
rules is rules,
and those are what we use here at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
there's purple cabbage shreds,
a punch of cilantro,
slivered red onion,
and fire roasted tomato salsa all ready to activate these little lovelies.
the big action resides in the black bean hash, and those crissssspy potatoes.
yeah, neighbors-

these are dope.
the beans were easy as heck:
1 cup rinsed black beans,
1/2 cup tri-color sweet peppers;
1/4 cup sweet onion;
salt, pepper, GPOP, ground coriander, cilantro leaf, and a dash of cumin.
all of that, in a skillet over high heat with a dab of coconut oil.
and then there's the red skin-on superfire potatoes.
boiled cubed potatoes,
fried up in coconut oil,
with GPOP, salt, pepper, guajillo pepper, cayenne pepper, smoke paprika,
lime, and ground coriander, sizzled up to a shiny, crunchy crust on each piece.
that's dope.
potato tacos are a thing.
and they're a good thing, too.
i hope y'all are ready for july.
it's got, like, three big berfdays in it.
america, breezy, and embry, in that order.
i'm excited about all three, for the record.
i'm also excited about cinnamon buns for breakfast tomorrow, bro.
that's what we do on the first,
and that's what's gonna happen.
it has to.
without 'em, is it even the first?
you get it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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