Thursday, August 3


i might've been catering to internet girls a little bit.
that's a thing.
it's not normally MY thing, but it's real.
did y'ever do something, and while you're doing it, in real time,
y'can't help but think about how what your doing is OBviously
catering to the attention-seeking indulgences of your least-secure self?
for example-
have you ever heard yourself, just for a second,
the way you sound outside your own dumb head,
when you're trying to seem cool and relatable in front of somebody,
and immediately wondered:
"since when the F* do i say such dumb sh!t like this t other people?"
(i can tell you that i do that a LOT)
this is sort of the same thing.
after a week or two of treats and dinners and photographs that felt somewhat distracted,
i took what i know about girls,
learned mostly through tattooing, and the subsequent pinterest profiling that
becomes second nature  as a matter of almost rote learning,
and i applied it to cake.
uh huh.
that's real.
sometimes, i'm right there on some instagram-pandering photo jauns.
i'm not above making a girl AF cake, to indulge my own careworn desires
for affirmation.
so, i fed my own face on elite cake,
and it was supremely expert, and that's a fact.
that's the bright side.
and now, here's the topside:

that's some next-level assymetrical color-coordinated girl cake, friends!
no doubt about it.
it's that new new, the reverse-order cake batter jam,
(which is detailed in the end of last month's posts)
with custom, fingers-crossed no- measurement lemon frosting,
and those swirls of exxxtra-tasty powdered-freeze-dried raspberry frosting,
activated with all the samesie-hued big crystal sprankles!!!
what else?
i'll tell you what else- it's a solid 11" around!
is that big?
is that cool?
too much is the right amount!
cake, man.
i'm into it.
all the time.
i'm celebrating simple pleasures and grandiose plans,
huge endeavors and baby steps.
it's all really happening,
and that deserves a slice of cake!
july was kicking me in all the wrong places, hard.
i think the multifaceted kaleidoscope of tertiary and quaternary foci that have
been vying for all my immediate attention and action have had a drastic effect on
the fresh-to-death foodstuffs i've been feasting on.
...and that's not cool.
in ddition, it interferes with necessary procedures and activities
for the assembly of a bigger, better, brighter future.
time consumption is such a complicated process.
and i need to do more with my finite supply.
if that means longer dog-walks, and further car rides with my battle-beast,
to calm his overactive hyperdrive, so he can go to sleep or something,
and stop interjecting his unique form of dysfunction,
so that i can instead invest more time in more projects,
then so be it.
but there aren't extra hours for that,
which likely means maybe i only sleep three hours from now on.
that's not enough, you say?
see how much you get done with your lame eight hour retirement plan.
that's 30% of every day, useless.
there will always be something that needs doing.
the worst part about those sorts of somethings?
when the order of operations is sequential,
and the current building block is
blocked from it's final stages of becoming,
roadblocking the path of progress.
what i mean, specifically, in this moment is:
when the walls are finally finished at AMPERSAND-
which has to happen eventually-
(i mean, on the ones, it's like 16 feet or something thereabouts)
THEN, and only THEN, can the really real new hottness resume.
what is there to do,
except work on what there is to work on in the mean-spirited meantime.
i am a patient boy.
i wait i wait i wait i wait;
never quiet, never soft.....

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Travis Piper said...

My time is like water down the drain...

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