Monday, August 7


it's big, buddy.
and it's round, too.
and bright as heck.
not to mention really F*ing full.
the moon is pulling out all that bestial best-case worsening
from my pores and follicles,
so that the essence of animal magnetics is leaving that iron-blooded tang in my mouth,
and a tidal wave of ill tidings is crashing in on a king tide
that's taking it's tithe in spirit and memory.

do you feel me or what?
i'm just sayin'-
it's hard to sleep in the bright bright bright,
and it's even hardeer to relax under the influences of the lunatic fringe
that dangles and dazzles at the hem of the heavens these days.
it isn't ever easy,
but frayed nerves,
and tight tempers,
and short fuses lit by silver nightlights have got me TILTED, kids.
science says that full moon'itis isn't a thing
super superstitions dictate that that is incorrect,
and all the test tubes and centrifuges, bunsen burners and microscopes on earth
aren't going to disabuse me of my firsthand experience with crawling skin
and creeping dread
and claws and jaws and impudent imprudence
that flow in sync with the flow of the ocean and my similarly-salinated blood.
take that for what it's worth,
and maybe stay out of arm's reach and harm's way today.
i won't take it personally if you ignore me.
in fact,
i'll even extend to you the same.
there's a great big terrific reflective rock rotating and revolving up there,
and the ricocheting radiation it's reflecting is a mirrored reflection
of our most prime selves-
there's a light in the darkness,
but that only serves to accentuate all that darkness.
it's all really happening,
and it's taking us along for the ride;
never quiet, never soft.....

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