Thursday, March 8


i mostly did it.
that's a thing.
i only mostly made a cake-
and i let somebody else help, instruct, suggest, and participate!
holy sh!t, it wasn't a terrible experience.
in fact,
it was almost totally good-
i might've gotten a little fussy about the frosting,
but that's no surprise.
baby steps, broski.
baby steps to the bakery.
we made a new cake, and it made my morning F*ing awesome.
thick and soft and smooth and rich and not-to-sweet, until the icing and the frosting take hold.
it'll all make more sense once you check the teleport:

half chocolate batter blops, half vanilla, dropped at random into a springform pan,
for yet another 'nother banger of single-layer cake play from my kitchen to the world.
here's what happened:
preheat your oven to 350℉
in your loved and lovely stand mixer, cream up:
1 stick vegan butter, softened and cut into tablespoon-sized hunks;
1/2 tsp salt;
1 cup vegan sour cream (i LOVE tofutti for this. it's thiqqq);
2/3 cup sugar;
2 tsp vanilla;
whisk that all up,
and then add in 2/3 cup non-dairy milk.
re-whisk into a fluffy, pasty aerated froth.
next, stir in:
2 1/3 cups flour;
1 tsp bakey soda;
1 1/2 tsp bakey powder.
-whisk it up on high speed, and divide the results directly in half.
set aside 50%, and add 1/3 cup cocoa to the what remains in the mixin' bowl.
guess what you do next?
re-whisk it into an even fluffier chocolate mess!
now, i'll confess, the low sugar content of most of what i'm making
is the direct result of trying to please my partner.
so far, it's been fine, and no cake has suffered for lack of sweetness.
lucky lucky.
my marbling game is nonexistent, so i just dumped both batters into a greased springform
at random, and hoped the baking process would sort it all out.
...and it did!
35 minutes of hot love, and we had some pretty sexxxy cakey hottness on hand.
popped out of the pan, and cooled on a wire rack-
and all of a sudden, jus like *that* my little homepiece, kayla,
had some thick af icing already pasted and posted and ready for drizzlin'.
so, there's that.
then she freaked it off with those cacao nib sprankles.
rules is rules, and she's getting synced up and attuned to 'em which is tight.
and then,
just because too much is the right amount,
and also because exxxtras are actually just requirements,
since we rep a sliding scale of just-be-dopeness that starts at your ten,
on a 1-10,
and then only goes to eleven,
that superfreak superthick exxxtra-dark chocolate frosty frosting
turned the whole room into a party.
that's real.
how good is it?
well, i ate half without even realizing it, so it has something going for it.
i was tempted, and i indulged, and i regret not one itty bitty bite.
and yeah, i muscled in on the frosting,
but only because i couldn't adequately articulate
the intuitive measurements i use.
maybe i can work on that?
we made a cake,
and it is a gooooooood one.
you try it, and get your people involved, and see for yourself.
baking brings people together.
or, it could, or should, or might?
we had a moment, but we got a cake that lasted even longer.
i mean, there's still a few MORE slices up at AMPERSAND TATTOO.
for now, anyway. it's going quickly, mostly into my own face.
snow day!
the new england overnight blanket effect is here!
inches on inches on inches on inches, blown, strewn, drifted, and dumped down
right on top of the whole entire northeast.
and up here, underneath the powder, how's the woodsly goodness doing?
it's doing what it does:
digging out.
the plow guys are al out in force.
a small army of pick-'em-ups piloted by carhartt'd shovel-bums
is slipping around the mountain vale, in a blinking-light swarm of snow-removal.
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is snug under the insulating effects
of this mountain of fluffily frozen water, and i'm okay with that.
there will still be tattoos at the studio today.
there will probably be pizza for dinner tonight.
i'm fairly certain i'm about to bake something,
and i have a sneaking suspicion that today is going to have to be a good day.
for starters, it's the offical six monthiversary of AMPERSAND TATTOO.
that's something to celebrate, for sure.
i'm on that P.M.A. all day,
and i'll remain predisposed to remaining composed,
without my eyes or my mind closed,
as we steep in the splendor of my very own hottness emporium.
i love it there.
i love it up here.
i don;t hate the snow,
and i don't hate this really real rural Folk Life.
it's all really happening,
and today is the day.
i'm grateful for the fateful failures that fueled all of this forward movement.
it took a while, and it isn't done yet,
but for today, under all this snow, in the cold, without any sunlight to speak of,
there's something bright and warm at the heart of it all;
never quiet, never soft.....

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