Saturday, March 24


thaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii friidaaaaaaaaay!!!!
we got the spiciest noods!!!
thin rice noodles-
the thin ones...
because i guess that's what i bought without looking at the package-
cooked up and coated in some heavy-duty garlic-basil SAUCE!
guys, there was so much going on, and all of it just kept upping the ante,
and pushing the limits,
until our tastebuds were transcending food,
and became buds entering anarchistic states towards internal excellence.
for realsies,
we activated our infinite beastie buds.
and that's somethin'.
wanna see?
then check the flippin' teleport, man:

that's what's really good on our friday night.
ok, ok, OK.
there's radish, mung bean sprouts, purple carrot, and cucumber.
well, yeah- shredded purple cabbage ribbons are up there, too.
all raw, all sliced up nicey-nice, and all crawnchy as heck.
tight, right?
and there's coconut-oil fried exxxtra-firm tofu wedges,
exxxtra crisp af on all sides,
plus those cashews, toasted in the same pan...
word up.
and that's just the up-top bits!
there's ALSO cilantro, basil, fresh mint, and green onion sprankles.
those jauns are the most cooperative group of greens i've ever encountered.
what about those lime wedges?
what about those lime wedges?
you bet your A* i represent on some fresh lime when it's thai time...
however, i do not EVER eff around with fish funk.
i know..... i'm an inauthentic thai fryer, but i can live with that.
the veggie sauce and stir was molto expert, btw.
a spoonful of sesame oil,
a cup of chopped cabbage, two stalks of celery and a sliced yellow carrot-
then a bunch of scallion bottoms, and half an onion and two cloves of chopped garlic.
the cabbage gets grilled, and a head of chopped broccoli gets added in right after.
all of that, plus a big fat bunch of torn basil, and a punch of cilantro-
THAT'S how you prime up the pan for a huge burly blast of SAUCE!!!
2 T mae ploy sweet and spiciness;
1 T sriracha;
2 tsp green sriracha:
1 T rice vinegar;
1 tsp soy sauce;
1 T lime juice;
2 cloves crushed garlic;
1/2 tsp ea GPOP;
1/2 tsp ginger;
1/4 tsp mustard powder;
ground coriander seed;
black pepper.
you need it.
you have to have it.
and you'll be glad you did.
maybe i ate a ton of noodles.
maybe i ate a ton of tofu.
heck, it's likely i ate a ton of EVERYthing.
but, i mean, c'mon, man-
too much is the right amount.
that's a fact.
when we're ready for some big action,
we get ourselves situated, then we dig in,
and get down on a shark-gluttonous smörgåsbord of spicy nicey-niceties.
we bond over food around here,
and we make it look easy,
even though we go SO hard on every aspect of the thing.
the details are all important.
i know i'm a lucky ugly duck to have the opportunity to document magnificent
homemade elite vegan dinnertime exxxplosions.
and i do it to show my gratitude for the abundance
this remote rural rustic Folk Life affords us.
i do what i do, and i take it to eleven, because i think anything less
would be dismissive and degrading to the gifts i have been bestowed,
and to the opportunities that present themselves to me and mine in the here and now.
it's ALL really happening all the time all around us,
and if weren't diving headfirst into all this available hottness,
i'm not sure we'd be worthy of any of it.
take your time, by force if necessary,
to appreciate how awesome the world around you really is;
never quiet, never soft.....

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