Wednesday, March 7


i know a few of you all are already SOOOO tired of reading about tacos all the time.
feel free to skip around.
this is NOT epic writing and required reading.
it IS a true story about some bomb-A* tacos, though.
no joke.
chipotle butternut squash?!
the only drawback?
i had so much other sh!t on my soft flour foldovers
that you couldn't really see just how sexxxy the squash was lookin'.
i know! i totally should take progress shots of what i'm on about-
maybe i can rope kayla into some sport of photojournalist jauns?
i wouldn't count on it, however- she's one of those phobics who shun the shutter,
as it makes them shudder whenever somebody is chronicling anything...
which means all you get is a picture of that hot fire hidden  undeneath
a whole mess of other deliciousness.

how about that overexposure? yup. bummer.
but, those ho'saucy nootch-boosted double-buttery refried beans?
that's what's good in the woods, bruh.
i used a can of fat free's, and turned 'em up with a few tablespoons of earth balance,
a minced quarter of a small onion, a teaspoon of jalapeno,
and some poblano for good measure.
plus a few tablespoons of y'boi frank's red hot,
and a punch of nootch to smooth 'em out.
i had my legendary salsa fresca out on the table,
where it was summarily terrorized by corn chips
dippin' down into the depths of the bowl.
it's so good every single time that i almost feel bad for those guys
i used to hang about with who'll never get another dip into it ever again.
but, moving forward, i still have the means to make a big ol' bowl of it
whenever i feel like it.
that's rad.
you want the recipe again?
1 small onion (this time i used red);
1 cup of mixed sweet bell peppers;
1 large jalapeno, seeds in;
1/2 bunch cilantro leaf;
3 T poblano pepper;
5 roma tomatoes;
3 tomatilloes;
3 cloves garlic.
if you've got a salsa maker (hand processor) USE it.
you can control, by feel, and y turn of the crank,
precisely how mincey to make each component.
i like my onions small, my peppers bigger, my tomatoes pureed, and all of it
a little different from each other piece.
that's MOE turns on the handle for the tomato, and only a few for the peppers.
if you don't like cilantro? you're fired.
if you can't hang out with tomatilloes?
you're the worst.
if onions are hard on your system?
get off the planet.
this is grown-man adult salsa, uncooked, and raw like ODB.
you'll need pink salt, black pepper, GPOP,
and lots and lots of lime juice to turn this up to eleven.
do it, stir it, refrigerate it, and enjoy it several hours later,
once it's had time to marinate in it's own elite sauce!
the butternut squash?
that's simple, too!
2 cups of squash, sauteed with
minced onion, red pepper, poblano pepper, habanero pepper,
and spices.
cumin, ground coriander seed, GPOP, smoked paprika, cayenne, black pepper,
and chipotle pepper like a champ....
a little cilantro and lime at the end of the cooking cycle
it should be soft, and browned on at leas one side, however long that takes-
try not to let the peppers get ugly. there's a finite time window for both of those.
just pay attention, and you'll do great!
that's the truth.
soft flour forever, and no weak sauce anywhere.
that's the decree,
and rule is rules around this Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
for realsies.
we got lettuce, sprouts, cilantro, scallion sprankles, and cucumber on these babies.
there's quick-pickled mixxxed veggies-
pruple and yellow carrots turned everything pinkish.
sweet onion, jalapeno, garlic, and radishes, too.
in a salty, sweet apple-cidery brine so damned fine i lost my mind.
they're always invited to taco night.
and they always get munched up on solo after all the tacos are gone.
i learned about what my people prefer, and i make exxxtra now,
to keep 'em happy.
i'm nice like that.
how about that sour cream?
vegan whiteness, with lime and macerated cilantro for the children.
or for me,
or for the tacos.
it helped, man, regardless of it's intended recipient.
i like it. a LOT.
and those pepita sprankles?
boiiiiiiiii, you are livin' in marvelous times!
that's a spoonful of olive oil,
a handful of pumpkin seeds,
a whole lotta craxxx of black pepper,
and, once they're aromatic, and almost poppin'; with perfect fry-up'dness,
a spoonful of agave at the end to freak 'em off.
THAT'S how you doo-doo the dirty dirty on the taco flap fiesta jauns.
no doubt about it.
there's a right way, and this is IT.
anything else?
too much is the right amount, neighbors-
we had AVO-F*ING-CADO on there,
to turn the whole platter into a dominant force for flavor on this earth.
successfully, i might add.
heck yes!
i need to always be overdoing the taco game.
it's an innate genetically-coded urge.
nature wins, every single time,
and it's hopeless to fight it.
i'm not sayin' you shouldn't battle against the force and spark that ignites and excites us-
that's one of the overarching great literary themes, after all-
i'm just sayin' that you get what you get, and you shouldn't get upset.
it's infinite, man.
if  you're addictive, get addicted to good things.
if you're reclusive, write a F*ing manifesto about your solitude.
if you're creative, create beauty or usefulness of both.
if you're lazy, and a lover of leisure, go F* yourself in a pit of lava.
i'm diverting all my obsessive tendencies to tacos, every tuesday.
instead of using two-dollar tacos as a gateway to margaritas or whatever bullsh!t
boozebag bummer is on offer at restaurants around here.
pick the best option, man.
if there's no good option, wait a minute and see if one arrives,
or better yet, make your own better option.
i'm not just writing about food, i'm writing about life.
what i eat and how i eat it,
what i make and how i make it,
it's all the same,
it's all really happening.
it's the interwoven nourishment that feeds the fires that power my purpose.
and my purpose is to just be dope.
every day.
all the time.
it's not easy, but it's not impossible, either.
it's just What Is;
never quiet, never soft.....

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