Thursday, March 8


ain't no party like a Folk Life & Liberty Fortress pizza party.
mainly because party has become a euphemism for heavy substance usage,
and reality-avoidance for most of the dudes who refer to partying as a pastime.
so, in that sense, it ain't no party, for realsies.
nah, man.
that sh!t isn't cool.
but, over here, in this spot,
we know that a pizza party is it's own thing.
pizza party means gettin' filthy dirt-dirty and butt-nasty freaky-diki
on some next-level-eleven ferocious, furious, fresh-to-death
fresh baked burly barbarian bread and sauce and chee'.
expert vegan sourdough pizza pie for your eye,
like MORE AMORÉ than the pan can handle.
i got real life cold risen dough.
i got crushed tomatoes.
i got roasted red peppers, steam-skinned and shredded.
i got what you need, if what you need is to feel fulfilled and full and filled
with flavorful piping-hot radical elite dinnertime dopeness.
i mean it, man.
check the teleport:

holy smokes that's some sexxxiness, son.
i'm just sayin', if you look at that and don't see something you like,
i wonder what the eff is actually wrong with you, and if it's medical;
and if it can be cured, because if that kind of pizza doesn't exxxcite and delight you,
you might very well be an A*-hole,
and if that's contagious, y'all had better stay away with your negative waves.
real talk.
and this big, fat, heavy-duty double-dough crescendo of flavorful crustiness
had me clapping and calling for an encore.
one large pizza, with the topping game on TILT, 
and i am suddenly a much-improved human being.
the obvious solution is to have more pizza.
too much is the right amount.
...and i made a big batch of the dough, too, so there's plenty left for tonight!!!
in your big stand mixer, with the dough hook on,
knead up:
3 3/4- 4 cups a.p. flour;
1 T salt;
5 T olive oil;
1 cup active, hungry sourdough starter-
i used 50/50 from both my starters, and they tag-teamed this batch for the title.
1 1/2 cups very warm water, bloomed with 2 tsp bread machine yeast, and 1 T sugar.
1 tsp wheat gluten.
the wet sourdough and the water worked in tandem
to create a high-hydration exclamation of exxxcellence,
and the commercial yeast decided to really activate as well.
it bulked three times it's size in record time,
and again, and again, despite being refrigerated after ten minutes of heavy kneading,
for one and a half days.
it just kept on rowing and growing and growing.
so much so, in fact, that the second half of the dough is still bubbling in the fridge.
i may have created a monster!
it's my monster, and it's also F*ing incredibly tasty, so if monstrosity is the side effect,
i accept it with open eyes and arms and mouth, brother.
after a whole day and a half, i divided it in half,
and stretched that sumptuous glutinous goodness to the size of an entire baking sheet,
floured on the bottom, and allowed to still continue to flippin' rise somehow
while the oven preheated to 480℉.
i had my standard crushed tomatoes, and minced daiya,
which i will forever maintain is the best way to assure maxxximum meltability.
caramelized onions? always.
and those oven-roasted, blackened, steam-skinned red peppers,
with all of their oily, slippery, rich flavor? truly an upgrade.
have you ever roasted red peppers before?
y'just bake 'em for a good long while at a high oven temperature.
-until the skins turn black, then you gotta pop 'em in a plastic baggie,
and let steam soften and separate the skin.
peel 'em, slice 'em, and spread the wealth all over the top of your pie, guys.
that's expert.
purple kale, chopped and lowered and tossed over the sauce,
and then covered by the chee' is the key. it wilts down and provides structure to the rest.
grape tomatoes are always improved by the oven's love.
i use them often, and i appreciate them greatly.
i had some baby bellas, making room to mushroom up on half.
kayla doesn't really dig on 'em, but y'boi definitely does.
fried garlic sprankles are mandatory, obvi.
rules is rules after all.
the crushed red pepper flakes were an inspired call, prior to the bake, to give it some zip,
as was the black pepper along the crust.
boomfire comes in many forms, kids.
those are a few.
i hit it up with parsley.
i'm like that.
a little fresh greenery is good for you.
it's strong though, so use it sparingly, or you might get bummed out.
i'm thinking of making more cashew mozzarella at home.
i like the daiya;
i have yet to try the more exxxpensive so delicious brand;
i'm just wondering is i can''t hook it up on my own.
make it yourself, from scratch and all that.
i think i can create something even better.
after all, for years i repped my tofu-cashew-garlic underchee' on every pizza.
that was a good time.
these days, i've reverted to a slightly more purist view,
although there may be a throwback for thursday, with that second dough, yo.
believe it.
it's been SIX MONTHS since i opened the studio.
that's crazy.
time has blown by like a gale force hurricane of hot fire,
hard styles, hard times, lean weeks, long nights, and busy days.
i can't flippin' believe it.
but, i know i'm lucky.
i feel that in crashing waves of gratitude.
no jokes.
today is a small progress milestone save-point in the long game.
i'm ready to make the next six even MORE expert.
if you came to get tattooed: thank you.
if you're coming to get tattooed: hurry up.
if you're just here for the recipes: get busy baking something, bruh.
and if you're on some other other sh!t: just be dope, or F* right off.
there's no time for wasting,
only time for making-
moves, money, art, food, love, whatever;
never quiet, never soft....

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Beznarf27 said...

AWESOME looking pie right there! I would love to see an Albie Rock version of mozzarella. We can't get anything here except something called bio cheese which tastes like wallpaper paste and doesn't melt. I actually think that wallpaper paste might be nutritionally superior to it (and at least it would "melt" on a pizza ;) ) Looking forward to your exploration of homemade vegan chee. "Bring it on!"