Sunday, September 8


two F*ing years!!!
today is the day.

it's national ampersand day.
for real.
and that's the day that AMPERSAND TATTOO opened its doors,
two years ago already.
word up.
it's been a wild ride so far-
i mean,
there's been a LOT of life lived in those two years,
and thousands of people have come through the doors.
there's a new baby, and big love, and alll the feelings.
there's so many new cars, because we're stylish af.
there's awards,
wards (like in D&D),
and swords all over the place.
and let's not one of us forget that nate has grown in leaps and bounds,
from the broke and broken new guy,
to the fast, furious, and fresh tattzappin' tron we know and love and appreciate.
we've made new friends,
we've done some sick wolf tattz,
some sexxxy pieces,
some monumental bambam bummers,
and in between,
we've been enjoying the atmosphere of worthy warrior poetry
and expert excellence that the studio exudes in every corner.
that's real talk.
the ups and the downs and the roundabouts are all really happening,
but they're happening in a place that feels like an avocado-colored castle-
the west coast avocado kind, too.
the good ones.
i'm grateful for the time i've been given.
i couldn't do what i do without the close ones in my life,
and i couldn't do anything without all the interesting, invested, and intense clients
that we've cultivated in these last three hundred and thirty days.
from here, ANYthing could happen,
and i'm looking forward to the future as it unfolds.
there's STILL no pizza here;
never quiet, never soft.....

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