Thursday, September 19


blackish and greyish and greekish and poorly photographed?
i gotcha.

one extra large and in charge sisyphus pushing rocks.
you were thinking of something more american?
like a haircut lady?

uh huh.
what's the best part about doing all the kinds of tattoos at AMPERSAND TATTOO?
never getting all the way bored with the same stuff.
what's the worst part?
never really getting elbows-deep into any one style.
however, there's a consolation prize.....
i do get paid to do even the ones i would never curate a photographic record of.
it feels good to have clients who trust the process and wear the results forever.
it also feels good to get those movie checks from the most basic
and generic and unremarkable jauns, too.
i mean,
when the check comes for all the pizzas i'll eat the next time
i'm in wolfeboro with the family,
i'll be thankful for those bambams being spun into gold on the spot.
but more importantly,
the cool tattoos,
and the fun tattoos,
and the better clients who know what's good and choose to come see us?
that's what has made september bearable so far.
that and all those sandwiches early on.
a few cool tattoos and a lot of bread
and i'm ready for whatever comes my way;
never quiet, never soft.....

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