Wednesday, September 4


sandwich week.
eight days, in a row, of the very best sandwiches i can come up with.
check it:

that's homemade red lentil seitan sausage,
and rainbow bell peppers,
and vidalia onion,
and blackened tomatoes,
and wilted baby spinach,
and slow-roasted garlic aioli.....
and all of that is expert like you read about, literally.
but, before any of that gets going?
it all starts with the fresh-baked barbarian bad boi bread, man.
because good bread makes better people,
and better people eat great sandwiches:
preheat your oven to 400℉.
1 3/4 cups king arthur white whole wheat flour;
1/4 cup semolina flour;
1 tsp sugar;
1 pkg active dry yeast;
1 tsp fast-actin' bread machine yeast;
1 cup -2 T warm water;
2 tsp sea salt;
2 T olive oil.
kneaded up for at least 11 minutes,
i used my stand mixer because it's the most used appliance in
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress for a good reason....
it works hard and it does its job.
cover your firm shiny dough ball, and let it rise until doubled.
divide it into 3 fattie-boombattie long loaves of hoagie-shaped torpedo bread,
and let those rise for another 20 minutes.
i added toasty sesame seed sprankles, because i like exxxtra sh!t on my sh!t.
that's how i doo-doo my bakery action, bro.
and then you pack it full of hottness, like this:

the rainbow bell peppers are red, orange, yellow, and green jauns,
slivered and sauteed in olive oil until they get that dark-edged dopeness
on their softened skins.
with caramelized sweet onion tossed in amongst them, for added supersexxxiness.
that's how you make a pepper blend that triumphs over the ordinary fair/festival blend.
true story.
and the tomatoes are sweet babies, blackened for that full-bodied flavor you'd expect
from powerful warrior poetic practical activation.
wilted spinach, in the leftover oily goodness of the hot tomato pan?
and the sausages?
well, the original recipe is here-
then they got cut up and roasted in the pepper pan, with exxxtra-oil from the slow roasted garlic.
that's right.
i used all the bits to make an even big-bigger bite of big action for your face.
too much is the right amount,
and that goes double for tastiness, neighbors.
for real, though:

and that garlic aioli?
that's 3 T of olive oil, slowly browning up 5 or six cloves of garlic, over medium-low heat,
until they're about as rich and succulent and syrupy as they can get,
mashed, whisked, and salted a little, just to help enhance the already-upgraded garlic essence.
yeah, man.
that's what you need on your good bread.
it turns it up to eleven without even breathing had.
real talk.
sandwich week is way better than the rest of the weeks.
in fact,
by comparison, last week was weak af,
and next week doesn't really be lookin' nearly as fun, either.
this much bread is probably a bad idea,
but this much good cookin' and inspiration has me making art and everything.
it just takes a little push, and the creative juggernaut starts rolling.
so, we're rolling;
never quiet, never soft.....

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