Friday, September 6


super-sexxxy braised soft pretzel bread?
sandwich week is not for you if you're not for that.
i mean it.
you've probably seen my soft pretzel scene before.
these have it all, only bigger.
here's the basic recipe- i just made six big braids out of the same dough, bro.
i had to make 'em large and in charge so i could fit alllllll this stuff:

i mean,
these big bad bossman braids had it ALL.
a blt is some sort of legendary sandwich for its simplicity,
but i ain't with that, kids.
too much is the right amount,
and if i'm gonna do it?
i'm gonna overdo it, and hard.
so these have hummus,
and red onion,
and fried tofu,
and mixed greens,
and sprouts,
and microgreens,
and hot-house juicy tomato,
and a load of extra-mapley tempeh bacon,
and THAT'S how you doo-doo that freaky sht, son.
no jokes.
by this point in sandwich week,
i think we all know what's up,
and just scrolling along will have most of the stuff's recipes here or there.
i'll skip all the little bitty details,
not because they aren't important but because i want you to look at my food,
and i want you to go back and look at allllll the days of this wonderful weeklong
weird food-fetishism.
i said it.
so look:

the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress has great morning light,
but it only affords limited lumens in the kitchen these days
due to the thriving treeline a the perimeter of the property blocking all the sun.
but i'm the type to take the photoshoot to a different spot, man.
rules is rules,
and if it doesn't look good, it isn't good.
but, really, tho:

that's what i needed to start my day-
a HUGE masterwork of morning glorious goodness,
100% vegan,
100% delicious.
111% expert.
what else even is there to say?
just this:

loud, fresh, hardness for your face;
never quiet, never soft.....

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