Saturday, January 2


maple requested cinnamon buns.
specifically, and earnestly, i was entreated to complete a batch
and bake them for breakfast.
sweet, right?
well, neighbors,
that was, like, a year ago,
and somehow, i just didn't get around to it.
awwwwwww, man.
the thing of it is,
every visit since,
the kid has RE-requested cinnamon buns, too
i think that makes me kind of a jerk albeit unintentionally.
i'm sayin',
i wouldn't purposely deny a loved one a bun.
because that's a real A*-hole move,
and not my first choice of action by a long wide margin-
to start off '16,
i got up and got crackin' on a dozen special-order super-deluxe cinnamon swirls,
especially for my dear sweet child,
...... and that's nice, y'know?
are they easy?
not really?
are they expert?
check the first-breakfast-type teleport:

caramelized butter-glazed brown sugar overflow to eleven,
with that good-lookin' icing drizzle over it all.
that's how it is done.
i freaked off the from-memory recipe,
as it's been a little minute since last i rolled them out.....
and they were way bigger, way better,
and so much tastier than ever before.
that's no joke.
they fit in a regular-sized muffin pan,
but these burly blops of rolled-up brown sugary super-cinnamon sweetness
went into the BIG muffin tins:

two kinds of yeast, more butter,
imprecise but exaggerated measurements in the flour and sugar proportions,
and longer rising times made the dough a yellower, flaky, fluffy, firmer foundation
within which the cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger
could flourish and foster good feelings inside of our faces.
wordimus prime.
i took care to thicken up that vanilla sugar icing,
so it wouldn't melt into invisibility when it hit those hot spirals.
nobody likes see-through sugar sauce on top.
that's not how you impress people.
thick dough,
thick icing,
thick layers of sugar and spice.....
i'm getting a little thicker around the middle with these hungry people hanging around.
fattening myself for slaughter?
insulating my torso against the deepening cold?
that's be smart,
but i s'pose i'll have to start really getting after the exercise with a renewed vigor
if i want to be fit for 40,
instead of just fattish and floppy.
cinnamon buns are NOT part of a well-planned diet regimen,
but damn,
they sure play a large part in an awesomeness regimen.
real talk.
sleep takes up too much time.
if we were all awake at once,
we could all be hanging out together.
instead, i'm STILL steady skipping the beauty rest,
and i remain the old and busted barbarian busting moves and getting busy
hours and hours in advance of the main host.
i stay up, i stay ugly, i stay dope, and i stay ahead of the pack.
i guess i'm paving the way for the prettier people to 'preciate what's really happening?
i'll keep telling myself that,
and you can go ahead and smirk to yourselves about it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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