Friday, January 1

first nights, last nights.

good morning!
i want to tell you about a little something i call being expert.
it starts with an idea, it gets talked about, we get excited,
the whole thing immediatley becomes blown out of proportion,
and then we tie the whole overgrown and inflated experience up in
a tight knotwork of overreaction, active participation,
in the case of last night's epic dinnertime,
a whole mess of rice and seaweed,
friends, neighbors, country folk, man and woman alike,
check the teleport:

i told you.
it's about being expert.
that's real.
so much rice,
short grain water-polished japanese jauns,
cooked to perfection, although nearly not so.
i was worried we'd have crawnchy rice,
which is the exact and specific opposite of sexy rice,
and also NOT invited to dinner at my house ever.
a little short-order vinegar steaming after a misboiled mishap
turned our stress into success, and the ricey niceties
were as delicate and delicious as i've ver had.
no joke.
the freshest nori,
the finest vegetables,
the cleanest bamboo mat,
and two children offering suggestions and very little hands-on interference.
conditions were perfect for a six roll handstyle hottness explosion.
we had cucumber carrot avocado;
radish, pea shoots, carrot, and inari-fried tofu;
asparagus, tofu and carrot;
spinach (so dope) and cucumber,
pea shoots, cucumber, carrot and bean threads;
and a garbage can roll of whatever the F* was left over.
because we know how to get rad when it's time to get rad,
we had standard soy saucem
AND umeboshi-vinegar and scallion tamari dippin' juice, too.
so good, so salty, so exxxtra-elite,
we ate and ate and ate until there was just a little left for ampy-d 
waiting all cool and crisp, for when she got home from work.
oh, and those toasted sesame sprankles?
that's that real real TRUTH-type freaky sh!t.
and when i'm reppin' end roll bouquets,
dipped bottoms-first in sesames,
and drizzled with that salinated soybean business?
i know i already said it, but i'll say it once more:
as last meals go,
this one took longer than i'd allowed for,
but it tasted better than my most optimistic imaginings.
it's sushi, but it's also vegan.
we spurn spurious for furious flavors and savory succulence in it's purest essence.
that's how we get it together.
first night, and we're over here sippin' sodas and choppin' with our sticks.
it's okay not to drink, and it's okay to eat all the veggies on your plate.
we doo-doo all that,
and we do it as a family.
i'm lucky to have teens who still hang out,
i'm happy to say we're closer than ever,
and we're fuller than usual.
good people and good food make for good times,
and as we said goodbye to last year,
we made sure the first sh!ts of '16 were certain to be moving.
pooping is still funny to me, because even if you hate it,
you still HAVE to do it.
this is it,
a happy new year, so far.
i'm ready for what's next;
never quiet, never soft.....

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