Monday, January 18

classics, reclassified.

i forgot just precisely how much i love an oatmeal cookie.
i mean,
i make all kinds of cookies with all kinds of sh!t in 'em,
and i do that pretty damned often, so there're dozens upon dozens
of flavors and styles getting sampled at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress
whenever there's a spare moment.
what i'm saying, though,
is that an old time oatmeal cookie is expert.
i wish i could leave it alone at simply being a delicious classic,
but my infinite true nature is never content with that.
...never ever, in fact, am i alright with leaving well enough alone.
the trouble with treats is that there's always room to activate a little exxxtra.
check the teleport:

cinnamon oatmeal cookies.
brown sugar is better in burly barbarian rolled oat nubs.
that's true.
a little hint,
like, a subtle suggestion,
of ground coconut makes the wholemeal wholly more elite, for sure.
and cinnamon is good.
but cinnamon and nutmeg and ginger is clearly better,
because that's clearly MORE stuff.
yeah. i like raisins.
but, just raisins?
don't be a goof.
there are also dried cranberries in there, too.
all those things, together, at the same time
 make a regular dope cookie into a superior super-dope disc of deluxxxury.
so when it's time to ice 'em, and take the whole process into the future.
we wouldn't want to just use powdered sugar and vanilla would we?
heck no, guys.
more  cinnamon, more ginger, more nutmeg, and less soymilk,
for that thick-thickfreakness spread all kinds of heavy on half of each,
with half again dipped in snowflake wintertime site-specific sprankles.
i love treats.
especially when they're that eleven-style upgrade hottness from my oven.
the philosophy behind all of my efforts is simple-
too much is the right amount.
what's the point of doing anything at only ever the same level of proficiency
as the last time, and the time before that?
i want progress, i want success, i want excess.
that's no joke.
improvement is essential to the intrinsic tenets of warrior poetry.
i'm sh!tty, but i strive to be great,
i work hard, but i still try to work smarter, and faster, and bigger, and better....
by treats are already pretty great,
so i strive to make them tremendously terrific.
i'm not bragging, bro.
i'm simply stating things that are actually things.
you know-
it's called being a truth-teller,
and once you start down that path,
it's hard to be detoured.
more is better,
and good enough is not now,
nor at any time in any foreseeable future,
ever going to be enough.
the big action isn't designed for small doses.
and warrior poetry is always an epic saga,
not a diapery babypantsed haiku.
it's all really happening,
and that's the whole point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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