Sunday, January 3

i've got a bad feeling about this.

that's my least favorite word,
and my least favorite part.
today is that day.
the end of vacation.
the end of our time together,
the end of the big fun treats and eats extravaganza.
awwwwwwwwwwww, man.
i'm running the long play, today.
that's a thing.
driving down and up and forth and back again,
all before i work all day on a motorcycle sleeve.
we're only three days deep into sweet '16,
and i'm already winning SO hard.
this new year, thus far, sure feels a whole lot like the old one.
that's a hard style, with long nights, and long drives,
cold toes, cold fingers, cold shoulders and cold medicine,
tough times, rough weather, and a lot of sh!ts everywhere,
literally and metaphorically.
and also,
just to add a degree of difficulty to simply letting crabtree out for a pee,
i've got a deviously icy driveway, too.
we've only had the one storm,
followed by one wet messy blarp-up immediately after-
but with nobody obligated to, nor interested in shoveling away the slush
while i was away at work means that the plummeting freefall of the thermometer
has flash-frozen a few inches of awful ice
immediately outside the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
it's obstacles from the instant i exit this edifice.
and i'm slippin', y'all;
but like, for real, though.
the thing is,
anybody who expects it to be easy hasn't got high enough expectations.
real talk.
and i anticipate an uphill running battle against time and money
every single day, with lulls and pauses for pursuing other avenues
during the reloads and armistices between dinner and breakfast,
when it all begins all over again.
there's no reason not to keep climbing and fighting.
there's always MORE to do.
i'll start taking it easy when i've figured out how to get 48 hours of life
squeezed into the 24 we're allocated each day.
until then?
all i can say is:
thank goodness for pizza.
pee eye zee zee ayy.
i love it.
we love it.
it always delivers, sometimes literally,
and more importantly,
it makes everything better,
for serious-
it fills your belly even when your nest is being emptied,
which is exactly what's going on right now.
we had a pizza party.
we did.
check the teleport:



that's that family togetherness jauns.
quartered and consumed in sequence,
we enjoyed a saucy underchee'd sacrament of our blood-cursed werewolfen
woodsly good times as a team.
don't even act like that's not expert.
that was on new year's night.
we ate popcorn for dinner yesterday.
(or pupkern, if you're a new hampshire resident)
that's correct.
because last night,
we had a ST^R W^RS party,
at the theater,
where i said hello to an awakened force,
and goodbye to whatever remnants of childlike wonder i'd been saving.
i saw the movie,
and i know that a lot of fortyish folks out there have this insane
hero worshiping fixation and infatuation with the story of the light and dark sides.....
...heck, i used to, too.
something happened,
and while the force was awakening ,
i think i was too busy responsible-adulting-
it was a good movie,
and i got some feelie-feels when the millennium falcon showed up onscreen,
i just didn't lose my mind over it.
at all.
and i'm sure it's a reflection on the dead zones and blackouts
in my own red-light-sabered heart.
that's bleak.
i'm just sayin',
kylo ren might be the most relatable character in the galaxy.
oh, c'mon.
there's just an hour left in the fortress for me and mine.
that's all.
there will be a scrambling dash to do all that needs doing,
but we'll get it done.
the routines of my regular every-daily life will resume.
until then,
i'm savoring every second i've got with the whole gang in one spot.
i'm grateful for the last two weeks,
i'm sorry to see it end,
but that's the inevitable eventual last act of eveything;
never quiet, never soft.....

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