Wednesday, January 13

snow day!

we've got a pow-wow of powpow,
and it's fluffy, it's light, it's white, and it's going to be alright.
there's freshly fallen, newly-driven snow across the breadth of the woodsly goodness,
and it's breathtaking in the dim lights of the few homesteads with anyone up this early.
there are orange rectangles of cast radiance reflecting and refracting the angles
of all the snow angels and devils that've blanketed the mountain vale.
and that's sweet looking, neighbors.
i'll be out shoveling, on the double, after a little Tea 'N' Toast,
to make room, and make way,
for our cars to exit the horseshoe-shaped ice-flume i call my driveway.
i'm sayin',
it's a snow day,
and that means ANYthing can happen.
for instance, maybe crabtree will behave himself.
....that'd be a mutha-effing snowy miracle.
maybe he'll take it easy on our snowshoeing sh!t-hike
through the poorly plowed hills of my friendly frozen neighborhood,
with fewer whines and bites for my ears and boots?
neither of those scenarios seems very likely......
a more realistic expectation of this cold winter's day is as follows-
maybe i'll make some expert treats,
and possibly fire up some fresh dinnertime dopeness,
and perhaps produce a painted picture or two in the interim?
we'll see.
snow days are good for you,
because they open up the door to infinite variations on finite fortunes,
and also,
the first little bit looks pretty dang incredible;
with snowflakes clinging to the tiniest tendrils of nature,
and drifts covering all the muddy butt of the last storm.
speaking of butt.
i've been busy drawing on my face some more.
what i do to get ready every day is different than what you do.
check the teleport:

duders, i already know.
i have a problem with obsessive compulsions.
it's fine, though, because today is a snow day,
and that means this is well within reason until tomorrow,
unless it snows again overnight.
i'm solid for a whole other 'nother 24 hours.
i do my own thing,
and i do a lot of it.
too much is the right amount,
and being prolific is almost as expert as being good;
never quiet, never soft.....

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