Tuesday, January 19

the bigness.

big breakfast.
that's my thing.
at least,
when i'm up and at 'em,
and busy being a high-performance morning person,
in the wee and small hours of the early morning,
i like to power up with a powerful punch of that big action.
regular Tea 'N' Toast is good, of course,
but when i've got a lovely lady at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
and she's got the day off,
and i'm already ready already, to jump off with some burly nutrients,
and some sensual sustenance,
and a whole mess of g.p.o.p'd tofu.......
that's when the regular jauns get turned up to eleven,
and we bust out the waffle iron an' that.
word up, neighbors.
check the big-breakfast-type teleport:

a round and wonderful coconutty oatmeal waff',
drizzled with real maple syrup,
and topped off with toasted pecans and powerful pow-powdered sugar.
oh, MAN!
that's expert.
and when the nootch-blasted turmeric-tinted tofu scramboo-ya
is right there, sitting shotgun,
with all kinds of single-side-sear right on those lightly tossed chunks?
your brain gets all fuzzy, like when you're happy?
is that what happiness feels like.
i really can't rightly say....
but i CAN tell you that if your scrambo isn't reppin' paprika on the low-low,
you don't know sh!t from eagles' eggs.
that's no joke.
i got the brickish bracks on there too.
premade, probably pretty bad for you,
crispy-bacon-adjacent smoky flavored doom strips.
i hit 'em with a little syrup to offset the deep disappointment of their cardboard texture.
and you know my winter-appropriate stark white tree mug
is thick with a hot cuppa irish breakfast tea.
i doo-doo that specific sauce for sippin' on,
because it is one of the best.
i could've used my signature pancake breakfast blend....
we had waffles.
i mean, really-
c'mon, now-
don't be a jerk and start using the wrong sh!t for the wrong reasons.
site-specificity has been a thing since that turdbiting gallery show
happened back in minneapolis a long time ago.
real talk,
our site-specific lexicon was the best thing to come out of that experience
by a country mile, kids.
i love it whenever i can add new vocabulary joints to my daily routine,
especially when it implies an applicable principle....
...like using the correct F*ing tea at breakfast.
i'm like that.
it's windy.
so windy.
and by that i mean, like, SO SOOOOOO windy.
and wind, my friends, is the suckiest suck that ever blew.
i HATE it.
a lot.
i hate it the most, actually.
wind is an A*-hole.
i know i've said that before,
and i assure you, i'll say it again.
when it's this bitter biting brutal bone-slicing bastard b!tchbag bombast bomb-blast
of erosive air wrecking everything around me,
and also wrecking me,
and also also kind of sneaking inside from outside.
that's no good.
i like big breakfasts,
but i hate big air currents.
i loaded up on lumberjack food,
but i'm still shivering,
and all i can hear is the howl of the wind though the trees.
it's loud, it's fresh, and it's hard as heck,
it's still a huge A*-hole,
and i can't wait for this crap to take it easy,
and let the low temperatures relax and regroup,
instead of dropping them beyond the point of hypothermic fingernumberwang;
never quiet, never soft.....

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