Monday, January 4

drawn on eyebrows.

my mornings are spent doing a whole lot of stuff.
that's real.
and one of the things i feel compelled to do is to graffiti on my face,
and disabuse myself of the notion that late-life-onset handsomeness
is likely to begin at around forty years of age.
i think that bird has flown, neighbors.
despite the lack of good looks i've gathered over the years,
i can create a gallery of looks i'd like to try on for a minute or two.
like monsters and robobotrons,
and i like to draw.
and this way, every day, 
as i'm index-fingering my whole wardrobe with pixels and emojis,
i get a chance to do all of that with a quick five minute exercise in
making the best of a bad situation.
i'm just sayin',
there are worse ways to warm up the cogs and gears of creative problem solving
than wrecking your own visage with big(ger) teeth and baggy eyes.
i'll let you enjoy the last week's worth of big dumbness on your own, starting now-.
check the teleport:

stay ugly, stay dope.
the object is NOT the biggest or the most beautifullest, kids.
the object, now, and always, is MORE;
never quiet, never soft.....

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