Thursday, January 14

the whole enchilada.

asada be kidding me!
i'm into it, and it's into my mouth.
i know a thing or two about making expert eats for my face,
and last night only proved the point a little more than usual.
thinly sliced homemade seitan-
and it's that new-new recipe jauns, too, with a touch of pureed superfirm tofu
for a toothsome al dente dopeness that stays soft, but feels strong, y'heard?
i marinated that in a chili-garlic ho' sauce, oregano, agave and bouillon broth,
and stir fried the F* out of it after it's little soak,
with fresh onions and garlic, and g.p.o.p. and black pepper.
it had alllllll the flavor. all by itself,
but that's not how i run my dinner game in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
no way.
i rolled that sh!t up, with minnesota-rinotta-style underchee'
(which is still the truth, and still so necessary in my custom chee' world)
and some overactivated hooked-up refried beans,
with the daddy-blend of minced peppers and sweet onion, with extra butterishness
and nootch blasted in for a super-smooth finish.
beans. chee', and seitan, plus a strip of shredded scallion?
in a taco-sized tortilla?
i made miniature enchiladas.
i did.
and i steam-baked them under foil in a beige bath of homemade gravy,
so that the entire tray of tubes got lubed up and laid down,
inside and out.
....that's the right way. okay?
and after i survived (barely) the first twenty loooooong minutes of waiting
for the four hundred degree hotbox to do it's dirty work,
they still got a whole other 'nother 'nother fifteen or so, uncovered and exposed,
but upgraded with a layer of home-style slow-simmered,
stewed and brewed, spicy nicey-nice-style enchilada roja jauns.
tell you what, kids.
let's check the teleport:

did you really think enchiladas would be IT?
what am i?
an A*-hole??
no way.
too much is the right amount.
i got that yellow rice poppin' off,
delicately spiced, and sexied up with onions and garlic,
before a little blast-up of black beans gets it going a little harder and hotter.
with those rainbow heirloom grape tomatoes decorating the top?
you like that?
as well you should.
it's good.
how about that guacamole?
my signature blend of hots and sweets, reds and greens,
with the exxxpensive fancy chip... they're beet and kale or something...
color-coordinated to add a little somethin' MORE to the plate.
it works, though, doesn't it?
i think so too.
and a dollop of refrieds, and a dollop of that red sauce,
and a dollop of that spicy rough-cut salsa fresca magic-
the same cool limey sensuality that's sitting on top of that all-out ball-out torta!
flaky peppered pie crust, packed into a tiny tin,
and filled full up with some serious new big action.
sweet potato, black bean, tomatillo, garlic, onions, green pepper,
fire-roasted chilis, and mucho spices for the complete and total effect of blowing my effing mind.
topped with those shreds of daiya(rrhea) doo-doo,
and baked into preeminence on my plate!!!!!
that's no joke,
and on mexican miercoles,
i know what i want,
and i know one more thing, too-
if you ain't blasting the whole damned thang with scallion and cilantro sprankles,
your sh!t is the weakest there ever has been.
real talk.
i mean, yeah.....
i'll spend hours in front of a stove;
i'll stir and simmer and saute and sear all the components of my sorcery.
because i make the magic happen,
and i do it all so loud, fresh, and hard,
it takes time,
and that's one hefty pricetag.
i gladly pay it, however,
and i'll sip on the sauce,
and i'll snack on the strips,
and i'll smack my mutha-lickin' lips,
and most of all,
i'll make an awful lot of all of it,
and make sure none of it is awful, at all.....
i'll eat it all up.
i'm getting fatter,
but i'm maybe also getting a little bit better?
oh man,
i sure hope so;
never quiet, never soft.....

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