Tuesday, January 12

soul samurai

i mean,
when it comes right down to it-
the cucch is better than you.
i don't think you could've done anything differently to affect the outcome...
it's just a thing.
i am not sure if, in fact, everybody even has an other.
an other.
...not necessarily from another mother, but a brother in arms, and in alarms,
and even in charms and harms and so on.....
an other.
the complementary counterbalance of crucial competent cooperative
recuperative co-conspiratorial co-captain of kinship and kindred kith and whatnot.
the cucch, though, is mine.
he's a good one,
and i'm sorry to say this, neighbors,
he brought the noise with him to the post office,
and it was delivered to me on a lightning bolt.
he knows me, and he gets me,
and what's more,
he gets me the goods.
and by goods i mean, the greatness.
check the belated-berfday-type teleport:

the hatori hanso of kitchen cutlery.
if you should meet god, or an onion,
they will be cut.
a shun is no joke,
and it's also the sh!t,
in the best possible way.
i'll be slicing and chopping one hundred percent
of all my expert meals this year with my new new hottness.
hammered, razor-edged folded damascus dopeness is what's up.
my best friend, my best man, my hetero lifemate, my other,
the cucch.
i'm lucky as hell to have a homeboy who brings the super-elite,
super-official, super-daddy-money movie check choppers
to the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
if you know, you know, and if you don't,
you'd best ask somebody.
i am grateful for the few i call my family,
and i appreciate the care the take,
and the efforts they undertake.
it's all really happening,
sharper than ever before;
never quiet, never soft.....

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