Wednesday, January 10


tempeh taco tuesday time!!
temporally, the taco game arrives weekly, which is awesome.
i'm just sayin'-
i really love tacos,
so having an alliterative association with a specific day gives me some feels.
looking forward to tuesday seems a little weird,
in the same way that working seven days a week seems weird,
since that essentially means that tuesday is actually identical to every other day.
given the parameters of that comparison,
it IS weird except that there most likely will be a batch of from-scratch tacos
set up all sexxxy-like on the table, and that's pretty F*ing expert.
i came home from work,
and got to work.
that's what i DO.
i really wasn't feelin' it at first.
that's real.
it's impossible for me to be in a bad mood in the kitchen, kids.
that's real, too.
my favorite form of productivity is the one that fills my bellyhole with
all the new hottness.
and what's more, i'm getting more efficient and effective at whipping up
a whole messy mess of  superfire expertism with each and every batch-
i mean it-
check the teleport:

TEMPEH, dudes.
chunks of it, sauteed and sizzled in a smoky sauce.
that's what we needed, and that's what we had.
first, though, let me share a quick thought on salsa fresca and/or pico de gallo-
here it is: you need it.
tomato, red onion, cilantro, jalapeno, garlic, lime, salt and pepper.
you're a winner, just like that.
don't skip it, or you're gonna be a loser just as quickly.
back to that triple-grain fermented goodness-
tempeh hunks, with sauteed poblano and sweet onion,
sizzled for a few minutes in olive oil,
and then activated with a hot batch of wet 'n' wild flavor.
any real-deal experienced vegan food-nerd will tell you the same thing-
measuring is for suckers.
yeah, we'll list some imprecise approximations for the sake of the novices
looking for a little initiative and guidance,
but really, when the griddle is sizzlin', there is no little spoon factoring into
the saucification amplification sensation, man.
y'just FEEL it, and go with the feeling.
and i'm sincerely sorry for you if you don't catch those culinary feels.
no, i truly mean it.
there's a underlying unifying nourishing force that vibrates at a specific frequency,
but not all y'all are tuned into it.
...and that's a bummer,
because feeding yourself something incredible with no guidelines,
solely by using that sensate resonance to assemble the components into a coherent masterpiece
is some borderline midichlorian transcendence sh!t.
the sauce had a lot of the following in it:
soy sauce.
apple cider vinegar.
smoked paprika.
it also had a little oregano, and thyme, and GPOP.
not to mention a shake of sugar, a heavy-handed squeeze of lime,
and a half a cup of water, which helped the whole thing soften, hydrate, and saturate,
along with the acod of the vinegar that broke things down like science or something,
all before the sugar caramelized and sizzled the skins into perfect crispness.
you go with the feeling, folks.
and of course, you eat with your eyes first,
so when it LOOKS dope, it's likely to BE dope.
(...and it was SO dope. firm, but soft, but spicy, but savory, with a touch of sweet)
quick-pickled mixed veggies has become a standard around here.
i'm more than okay with that.
always with the radish, carrot, onion, jalapeno,
boiled in cider vinegar with salt and sugar until the peppers get olive-colored,
cooled and devoured in quantity.
i always make exxxtra, and there's never ever any left over.
that's a testimonial, huh?
there's sliced radish, and red and green lettuce,
and cilantro, scallion, and red onion sprankles on there, too-
and louisiana-style ho'sauce;
AND vegenaise/lime/cilantro Garlic Powder sauce-drizzies-
too much is the right amount,
and MORE filling in your soft flour tortilla situation is the best way to enjoy
a massive megadose of flavor for your face.
and let's make sure not to leave off any accolades for the great unifier.
refritas, bro.
refried beans.
a whole can of fat-free vegetarian blops,
dropped into a sizzling pot with 2 tablespoons of vegan butter,
3 tablespoons of minced onion,
1 tablespoon of diced jalapeno,
and then stirred around and activated with a generous shake of GPOP,
a hard punch of nutritional yeast,
and a whole bunch of glugs of that texas pete cayenne pepper sauce.
i LOVE refrieds.
i do.
and when they're around for taco night?
it's guaranteed to be a victory.
yeah, black beans are good, too,
but for me? refritas have a special place in my heart.
why? because as much as i want to stay ugly, but eat beautiful,
i have big respect for things that stay ugly, but stay dope.
and that's personal real talk, on the ones, as to the infinite nature of myself,
parallel to my plate, as it pertains to how we are what we eat.....
sidebar: i'd planned on homemade gnocchi, with homemade pesto,
but that's more of a family dinner jauns,
and since my up-here lil broski was off visiting his actual family,
i waited on that one.
luckily, the day dictated the failsafe fallback of soft flour flaps,
and i brought that sh!t down instead.
that's a lot of words about those six deep dark circles of sexxxiness.
i'm off to walk the dog,
and enjoy the brightness of the daylight,
before all the dudes i've got to tattzap drag me into an oubliette of lettering.
i've got words on words on words in the works,
and it's all really happening,
so that my gnocchi budget stays on track,
and the pesto tastes twice as good for all the alphabets on dudes that they are NOT.
today is the day,
just like every day,
and as of right now, events are all likely to unfold in a domino-like cascade
of cause/effect/call/respond/potato/pesto/plate/picture/punisher.
that's the way my brain works,
and that's how i show my work when i'm adding it all up;
never quiet, never soft....

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