Sunday, June 30

any day in june, goon.

our last night together as a team.
a cairn, if you please, of stacked and stoic rocks.
duders, i HATE goodbyes.
so instead of dwelling on the end,
we made the most of our right-before-the-end.
harvest and maple and i lit it up in the darkness.
that's real.
check the teleport:
i stay ugly, especially when i set myself on fire.
but that also means i'm on fire.
and that'sone way to stay dope, for sure.
when you span time with worthy companions
there's no other choice but active participation;
and if that happens to put immolation on the schedule?
well, neighbors-
we love that fuego-a-go-go jauns pretty hard.,
even in spitting stuttering points of miniature meteoric shooting stardom.
these girls.
they help make everything a little bit more expert whenever they're around.
real talk:
there was no higher purpose save to burn and brighten.
to light the deeps and depths and delves of our long hard nights,
even if only as a fond farewell until our next time together.
awwwwwwww, man.
i am grateful for the time i have been given,
and for the two of these small people who've grown up in front of my face.
they bring illumination far beyond the short bursts of burning metal
we played with in the fog and drizzle of the late hours.
holy sh!tballs, y'all-
it's the last day of june, already?!
that makes this whole damn year nearly as empty as this house will be later.
...and that's a hard style if ever there was one.
it all seems to slip away.
i'll be at work later, after driving all morning,
to carry my kids away, on purpose, so i can continue to exist
in the center of an ever-unfolding yet diminishing secret plan.
there are points to be made,
but they may be vanishing points.
bright horizons get further away, and the relative distance is a matter
of skewed perspectives and parallel lines.
this is what is, friends.
it's all really happening;
never quiet, never soft.....

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