Friday, June 21


the most daylight?
today is that day, duders.
the sonuvab!tchin' summer solstice is in F*ing full effect.
that's so good for you, y'know?
and the moon is pretty close to full, too,
which means that berserker barbarian over-the-top brutal
battle beastly bard ballads composed of uttered guttural growls,
slathering snarls, and heart-rending howls are all really happening.
werewolfen seasonal ley-line energy activation?
i doo-doo that kind of gravitational rotational inspirational irrational
animal magnetism and pugnacious puerile pragmatism.
because it's mutha-F*ing SUMMER, neighbors.
and that's expert!
real talk,
i'm psyched to live this day to the fullest loudest hardest and freshest limits,
and then take it one step beyond that.
summer goes to eleven, ready or not, like it or not, believe it or not.
wordimus prime, princes and princesses-
i've been storing up my cultivated coincidentalism to release into the
overlapping ghost circles of spirit and memory in this here woodsly goodness.
that's a true and real thing.
if you aren't 'bout this active participation summer jauns?
definitively an A*-hole; get the F* off the planet.
hard styles and harsh language and energetic axis-shifting medians?
it's more light than dark, today.
that's it.
what else is good today?
how about this?
happy little saplings, willowy and ready for whatever.
so cool.
and this:
foxon park soda?
that can only mean one thing back in new haven-
pepe's pizza.
you know it.
i raised my sauce-count back up to acceptable levels again.
it IS diet soda.
go easy.
maybe i am that guy;
a whole pizza down the hatch,
and a delightful flavorful no-calorie beverage to wash it down.
i doo-doo that sort of soda-poppin' sh!t.

right now.
you like it.
did somebody say emergency tofutti?
that's what i heard, anyway.
and when i hear it, i activate it.
check the cookie-filled teleport:

if it don't have sprankles, it ain't much of an ice cream.
just sayin'.
i hit the spots that need hittin', kids.
believe that.
fire tonight?
yes, yes, y'all.
if you don't burn sh!t up on the seasons' berfdays,
you're doing it wrong.
i've got a whole day of tattblasting ahead of me,
and i'm a raging uncaged savage stormswept gypsy wolfman,
daywalking and shapeshifting my way towards an eventual night.
the night is shorter than anytime before or after today,
but i'll bet it still seems long in the absence of company.
real life unfolds, friends.
it's summer regardless.
and it's all really happening.
fang and talon,
blood and fire,
Folk Life & Liberty.
...and tonight.
my deeds speak louder than these words.
my feeling are harder than my heart.
you know the drill by now;
never quiet, never soft.....

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