Saturday, June 1


it's the first of the month!
i definitely said the mandatory magic words, too.
i mean,
i'm not trying to jinx and jeopardize an already hard style
with unluck and misfortune and doleful woe an' that.
i just make my mouth form some specific sounds.
that's whats up.
you'd better believe it.
the first damn thing i said,
as usual, was just one word, two times, in a row.
the right recipe to cultivate coincidences and overlap the ghost circles
and smoke rings of all my lucky stars, benevolent spirits, and good memories
is always the same rolling R's and bursting B's.
you know the line, right?
say it with me:
rabbit rabbit.
any day in june, goon.
it's the beginning of the middle.
i don't exactly know what's going on,
i am just positive that it is all really happening.
today is the day.
the first.
the premier of june.
the big debut.
anything could happen,
but i am willing to bet it won't....
real talk.
pineapple, coconut milk, key lime juice, coconut syrup, and frozen strawberries.
i need those vitamins, kids.
for serious.
tropical treats are good for you.
i've got sports tattoos to doo-doo today.
boston has a hockey team,
and jocks are poppin' the hardest loser-boners ever
over the skates and pucks and sh!t that are going on out there.
that trickles down into a big fat demerit for me.
one more black-and-yellow manhole cover with a B on it,
coming right up.
good thing i activated that rabbity rabbitude,
or it'd probably be even worse.
let's hope i spoke the right thing at the right time,
and the day will only get better.
good luck with that;
never quiet, never soft.....60 days

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