Thursday, June 6


it's D-day, duders.
i'm pretty sure there will be very little D getting utilized.
awwwwww, man!
maybe it's vitamin D?
it's not that sunny, either... so it's not looking too good.
just sayin'.
y'know what, though?
i'm gonna invade the sh!t outta something, somewhere, somehow.
real talk.
but in the interim, i want you to look at my food.
check out the berfday teleport:
berfday emapanadas?!
you'd better believe it, b!tches.
we rep that pastry crust and meaty-style veggie pie jauns.
pouches of power, y'all, because the cucch is special,
and complicated treats are my most favoritest ones.
on the ones-
our cubanelle pepper and crumbled protein smoky filling
went all the way to eleven in a moment's time.
too much, too soon, and exactly what we needed, neighbors.
no jokes- we made it magical for me and my best buddy.
those side orders were no slouches, either.
salsa fresca, with fired-up homemade tortillas?
we doo-doo that celebratory sh!t.
arroz amarillo with dirty black beans and spices and that?
indeed, kids.
we make a lot of moves when they're called for.
we may actually make even mightier ones when they're uncalled for.
and then we add scallions and cilantro garnish everywhere.
taking hours out of a big day to activate in kitchen,
and purely participate in the expert parts is the way to go.
and that's not all we've been up to.
check the surprisingly-not-as-delicious-as-you'd-expect teleport.
you'd hope that if they tasted even half as sexy as they look,
that they would be amazing.
that's melon in the middle, and melon doesn't give a F* about expectations.
that's a thing.
the color scheme made more of an impact than the flavor.
well, friends, it doesn't always work out the way we hope, right?
secret universal plans sneak in,
just to remind us that lookin' very good-lookin' isn't everything.
we got tarted up, too.
did i freestyle some key lime pastry cream?
what am i?
an A*-hole?
i do what i do, and that includes being a showboat and a grandstander.
but how about an expensive sweet roasted-almond crust?
you know i just can't help myself.
i got both of those in one place, and with some soy whip all up on top.
check the nut-and-goo-type teleport:
what can i tell you guys?
i get busy.
food is where my brain is focused.
mostly because i'd hate to have anything to show for my artistic efforts besides
sh!t and fat and dwindling stocks inside my refrigerator.
the more i use, the less i have.
that's how really real life unfolds.
we had a happy day.
haircuts, babies, coffees, deluxe dinner, stumps, sunshine, all good things.
today, however, if movie history is to be believed, is the longest day.
(sorry, solstice!)
more is better, though, so i guess we'll let it ride.
battle beasts and burly barbarian embankments,
with nests and nettles embedded and embodied by the brutality of today.
D-day, y'all.
rush, and rush, and attack;
never quiet, never soft.....

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