Wednesday, June 26

teamwork? not quite.

i usually do all my dirt all by my lonely.
but with my family here,
i still did all of the work all by myself,
but near some folks who watched me.
stranger still,
the whole house was full.
yeah, neighbors.
harvest, and maple,
and elsah, and little baby van,
and olive the dog,
and even my self-exiled ship-abandoning eX-spouse.
holy sh!t.
that's real.
hard styles call for taking the hottness to eleven.
i doo-doo that wrench-choosing-type sh!t.
we all sunburnt our bodies on the beach first,
and strode through the streams and dreams as a team,
into the moments that make up the woodsly goodness.
that usually results in ending up sunburnt, harried and hungry....
and when it's a hundred degrees outside on top of that?
the solution?
getting busy over a boiling cauldron,
adding extra humidity to the Folk life & Liberty Fortress,
and actively participating in another 'nother little red hen scenario.
who will help me roll this dough?
i made enough dumplings to keep everyone quiet.
a mouthful of expert treats makes it hard to talk noise.
check the teleport:
two types of sauce, as usual.
sriracha-chipotle-sesame-soy for the spicy side,
and scallion ginger dipping dopeness for the sweet.
how long does it take to make sixty dumplings?
way longer than it takes to munch 'em up.
that's for sure.
at least jess did the dishes.
that's the pricetag for piggybacking back into a minute or two
of old-timey elite family togetherness.
she left mad, don't worry.
some things are destined to be like that forever.
it was also tart tuesday.
and that meant getting up early and getting right down to it.
check the strawberry tart activation teleport:
vanilla-snap cookie crust in that fluted fresh shape?
chocolate ganache drizzle jauns in a sexy grid?
fresh strawberries?
i'm lucky to have some worthwhile people around me.
i'm grateful.
as such,
i try to provide the treats that show 'em so.
i mean it.
knowing that what i'm making is good,
and seeing it enjoyed,
is exactly what i need these days.
it is all there is,
so it will have to do;
never quiet, never soft.....

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