Thursday, June 27

familial familiarity.

we went and overate at the green elephant.
portland, maine lunchtime travel jauns?
we-doo-doo that active participation sh!t, friends.
that's it.
we sped there,
we stuffed our faces full of all-out ballout beige bits,
and we came home.
for realsies-
there was only the bare minimum of leisurely ambulating,
as nature saw fit to soak us down with rainy drops.
but, still,
a whilrlwind roundtrip beeline for some expert vegan eats?
me and my girlies aren't afraid to take a ride, y'know?
reward is commeasurate to effort, after all.
and since the big three actions i hope i've instilled in my ladies
are to try hard, pay attention, and know stuff,
it seems we're on the right path.
and besides,
we rep gratitude and generosity all day long.
and thai iced tea, too:
with that soy creamer smoothness for my face?
and somehow, neighbors,
i still felt lulled towards slumber on the long way home.
you'd have thought i'd be fired up in every sort of way, no?
the savage boiled-lobster-red burn on my skin has sapped my strength.
nature has got me coming and going, i guess.
it's all really happening,
and nature is the only one with a program of events.
not that we give a sh!t about rain or shines, friends.
we're hanging out in hammocks and doing artsy crafter jauns.
and while we snip up on papers and papers and papers,
we sip down on sweet sweet strawberry smoothies.
that's SO a thing.
g'head, check the teleport:
c'mon, duders-
we know how to live the good (or even better life).
me and mine,
and all of ours for all the hours.
we're spanning all the time across each and every expanse.
it's expensive, sure, 
but the only thing more costly more is not doing it.
and we just can't afford that.
we are together.
and that's the first and foremost important part.
we are what's happening;
never quiet, never soft.....

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