Sunday, June 9


there was non-rain-related lightning,
and non-firework-created sparking explosions
illuminating the woodsly goodness for a quick moment.
and then it all went dark.
a hot flash,
a loud noise,
and the power decided to F* off and leave me standing still
widening my pupils in complete blackness.
the thing is,
the power stayed out all night, and all morning.
and when the sun came up, and the fog lifted,
and i took a look at my super-sexy garden,
y'know, to soak in all that beautiful lush green lifey greatness,
i saw something that explained it all.
check the falling-in-the-forest-type teleport:
the woodpeckered old sad rotten holy tree across the street?
the one i've been staring at for four years?
it finally decided to sh!t the bed.
and take out the whole street's powerlines, too.
nature decided that a blackout blockout evening
of insights and outlooks was just what i needed.
floating four feet off of the road and pulling all the cables along with it-
i have to admit,
i went out and got too close and tried to touch it,
but the power linesmen yelled at me for being dumb,
and left lots of debris in my driveway;
because who cleans up their mess on saturdays at time and a half?
not those duders.
ah well.
another piece of the life i've grown accustomed to has fallen off,
broken apart, and been forcefully removed,
first by nature and then by those grumpy mutha-b!tches.
the thing is-
now the lights are back on;
never quiet, never soft.....

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