Friday, June 28

making do, morning dew, overdue, but never doing without.

who forgot to pick up a fresh-baked loaf of sourdough bread?
it happens.
and without bread, it's awfully hard to make toast.
that's real.
ity's got to be sourdough, it's got to use that superfresh starter.
the wet hungry cultured flour germs that eat wheat germ and poop out
their own special blend of sugars and alcohols.
that's what we need,
but it's also what we don't have.
y'know what we do in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress
when we don't have what we need to make what we want?
yes, that's right, neighbors.
we make something even more expert,
and take our kitchen mission activation to eleven!
do you like waffles?
yeah, we like 'em too.
check the teleport:
fruit and nuts, y'all.
strawberry toasted-pecan oatmeal manhole covers,
especially for our collective hungry faces.
my girls and i aren't gonna miss out, y'heard?
we're gonna pour real maple syrup on top,
and hit 'em off with some whipped-style creamy soy blops.
we doo-doo that breakfast-is-the-most-important-type sh!t.
family togetherness means doing stuff together.
we break bread even without bread,
and we sit down and discuss the dopeness of our days.
we have to.
i mean,
without sharing, we're just existing near each other.
and that's not nearly the sort of interactive participation we need.
real talk.
i'm feeling lucky to have these kids here with me.
sweet'uns who span time alongside their progenitor.
so good.
i woke up to the explosive sound of pittered patterns of raindrops
drumming out blastbeats on my heavy metal rooftop.
sleeping with an open window makes for early morning surprise attacks
from ma nature and her moisture melee.
the woodsly goodness is soaked through and through,
and the sounds of dropping science are echoing inside off of the
tops of trees and the ridges in my roofline.
it's loud, fresh, and hard;
and therefore a good indicator that it's gonna be a great day.
all the ingredients are in place, aligned and in time.
today is the day;
never quiet, never soft.....

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