Monday, June 3


hey kids-
am i super-soaked and blown away?
you bet i am.
the woodsly goodness got hit with a deluge of destruction.
for serious,
the winds whipped, the thunder clapped, and the rain poured.
all of that savage stormswept raging natural fury left the majority
of the scenic white mountainous mt. washington valley without power.
it was expert!
branches, and limbs, and trunks, and whole trees were everywhere.
and i mean that- everywhere.
huffed and puffed and all that good stuff,
and the whole time lightning was striking down like a righteous judgement.
angry electric eels from the sky face-biting earth across the whole expanse.
so dope.
and no juice meant sitting in the dark at the studio.
it also meant sitting in the dark at home.
of course,
that didn't stop me from candlelit reading time in my hammock,
listening to the luxurious soundtrack of pitters and patters and splashes
and the rush of running water flowing off the roof in tortuous torrents.
...with punctuation provided by house-shaking sonic booms
from the rumbling thunder gods up above me.
there's something super-rad about sitting under the auspices of the epic eaves
here at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
subtly puffing away at an aromatic blend of long flake virginia tobacco
in the burnt burly bowl of a briar pipe,
while ma nature reminded us of why she is the bottom b!tch on the block.
this house has a name, neighbors, and that name implies a purpose.
it's well nigh time that we use it as intended.
Folk Life & Liberty.
you know it.
you love it.
it's back to being a berserker battle-beastly priority.
barbarians, bards, and bandits, y'all.
worthy warriors of poetic active participation.
this is it.
more crafts, more arts, more making the minutes matter,
and more making the magic happen.
you're not invited.
but you can decide to stop by.
that's a thing.
...aaaaaand i made something delicious to devour,
all in the near-darkness of a cloud-covered doo-doo buttery dusk.
lucky for me,
the electricity came back online the very minute it was finished.
that's the hottness, y'all-
baking up a batch of treats without seeing much of what's going on.
(the force is strong in this one.)
i might not have needed to see what i was doing,
but i sure enjoyed looking at what i was eating,
why take the exra time to garnish my lonely plate, y'know?
check the teleport:
what is it?'s good for you.
that's all you need to know.
that and i sliced off a chunk of my own finger
when i used my new grater to scallop those potatoes.
you have to get blooded-in to new utensil ownership,
before they recognize their true master or something.
and do you duders know what else?
i cyanoacrylate superglued it back in place and kept cooking.
i didn't bleed on my ingredients,
and i'm alone anyway;
so even if i had,
 i'd only be reentering my own data into the computer,
dinner needed making,
and i've got no time to waste on succor.
i mean, what am i?
a weak-sauce waterbaby?
no way, ninja.
i'm a surly sourpuss gourmet with no need for nancypants injuries.
today is the day.
tomorrow is the start of my weekend,
and this time,
i'm making sure it's a damn good one-
no storms surges or power outages are gonna prevent that, either.
it's all really happening,
because it HAS to;
never quiet, never soft.....

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