Monday, June 10


i totally forgot to mention it for a few,
my friends are better than all the other ones.
that's still a thing.
mike holmes sent me something expert,
as a very special unbirthday present for my face.
and even made sure to address it to the expert doo-doo butter.
(the post office knew who that was,
which is good news, and bad news, y'know?)
and my friend amber went to the cape,
and came home with a purple jangling hands-have-teeth souvenier for me.
i'm pretty lucky to have people who still give a sh!t hanging around,
and i am sure grateful for the times and places and treats they sometimes
supply my dark days and long nights with.
check the teleport:
navy flake tobacco.
like smokeable jerky.
you crumble it up yourself to make it the way you like it.
that's active participation,
and that's dope.
last night, stina, james, and rowan, of grim north tattoo,
hung out and had dinner with me.
good times with folks reppin' family togertherness?
and the night before,
my ninja todd came over the mountains for an evening of thai food,
pipe smoke, competent communicative conversation,
and tattoo magic.
i'm usually a lonely fella,
but i'm reminded these days that it's not ALL bad.
there are worthy companions out there.
it all happens at once, when it all really happens,
but too much is mostly the right amount anyway.
treats, peoples, and times.
i GOT they, today.
tomorrow, probably not so much;
never quiet, never soft.....

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