Sunday, June 16

skillsets of the ill.

i think that having an aptitude for getting expert
in crafts that are normally reserved for mentally ill group-home patients
isn't exactly a bad thing....
it just might mean that i've also got an underlying strain of semi-dormant
cuckoo-crazy-person brain that's stirring out of subconscious coma
and back into the summertime forefront.
what i mean is-
being good at collages is what nutters do.
nutters and also sad teenage girls;
the latter, of course,
are widely regarded as being apesh!t bananarama dramabombs anyway.
then again,
maybe i'm not that good.
but, neighbors- postcards, day two?
even weirder than postcards, day one.
it only takes the first try to define the parameters,
and then it's time to freak it off, y'heard?
i'm taking correlative correspondence and art-makey activation to eleven.
check the teleport:
no, wait,
i made a few more, too.
take a look:
so, that's real.
and just to make sure:
word up.
do i have your current mailing address?
i'm just sayin',
you wouldn't want to miss out, would you?
make sure.
for your own sake, more than mine.
the other night i ate a hundred pounds of noodles.
i ate a great big bowl of noodles, at any rate.
check the everything in one place-type teleport:
i put too many of too hot of two kinds of peppers in there.
it was just the right amount.
especially considering i wanted to barely sleep and have spicy nightmares
when i finally crashed out.
almonds and asparagus and celery and cilantro and collards and cucumbers
and garlic and habanero oil and jalapenos and kale and mandarine
and meatyish chunks and pea shoots and radishes and shallots and tomatoes
and sauces and spices and sh!t all make for one incredible bucket
of brutal barbarian noodoo bowl.
and i ate it all, y'all.
too much of all of it is all that i want.
the good news is that i am a grown-A*man,
and i can have a ball-out maniac mealtime attack whenever i want.
real time real life adult benefits are strange things, kids.
that's for realsies.
this is it.
all of this.
that's all there is.
lots of small rad things.
a big picture mosaic of a million mighty miniature moments;
never quiet, never soft.....

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