Monday, June 24

me and mine.

lightning-missing, more like.
it never seems to even come close to hitting the mark.
i mean it.
i've got a metallic taste on my tongue from all the screaming i'm doing;
roaring until i taste the salty iron of a ragged throat.
my throat stays wide open while i sound it out,
and still the verdict of a bolt of electricity eludes me.
i thought that would make me an attractive target-
all iron will and steeled resolve.
and yet it's nothing but rain and thunder and daring the sky to do it's worst.
oh, c'mon.
then again,
i think that might actually be what's happening.
it's doing it's worst, i mean.
a heavenly smiting would sort of be too short and sweet, no?
there will be more of all of this.
there always is, after all.
i guess that's the point.
what could i do by myself last night?
probably lots of things.
but what DID i do?
i made coconut creme pies.
little bitty-baby ones.
they're cute as a button,
and tastier by far.
check the beige-on-white-on-beige-type teleport:
me and my mixing bowls have become best friends.
we stir it up pretty well together,
brisk, whisked, and frisky.
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is getting company.
it's summer, neighbors-
and that means school vacation.
and school vacation means family togetherness.
the only two girls i know who really, really like me will be here, soon.
like, tonight, even.
that means i'm headed down and outwards,
dipping into the hot tarscapes and suburban sprawl
of the less-expert areas of non-woodsly not-so-goodness-
but collecting my reward will make it all more than worth it.
harvest and maple, my sweetest and bestest ones,
are gonna hang out and span some time with their old man.
that's good news.
i can't stand this boring and bored-into, augured-out cavity of a lonesome life.
it's a hard style, for sure.
so we're gonna fill this castle with good times and better food
and great peoples and arts and crafts and late nights and real talk.
we have to.
Folk Life is for the living.
and this is all the time we've got, y'all.
if we aren't making moves, what the F* are we doing?
today is the day, tonight is the night,
it's all really happening;
never quiet, never soft.....

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